Twitch Platform: Streaming at the Service of Your Brand!

Viewers, Twitch prime, raid, streamers… So many expressions which may not mean anything to you but which make up the jargon of video game streaming. A growing but confidential market, video streaming can count on the Twitch platform , the undisputed leader in this market, to increase its development. But streaming, kesako? The principle is very simple. It involves filming yourself playing video games and sharing your live video to people who follow you . Although the Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List video game is the DNA of streaming, it now extends to many other live content: shows, debates, talks, etc …

Today let’s find out why turns out to be aexcellent vector of communication for companies and why platforms like Youtube Gaming , Facebook Gaming or Mixer (Microsoft) are trying to undermine the hegemony of Amazon’s product. the twitch platform, your new marketing ally WHAT IS TWITCH? Before going any further, we’ll introduce the Twitch platform to those who don’t know it and give Gotaga or Zerator fans a little booster. If we refer to its precise definition: “Twitch is a video game, esports, and broadcast streaming and VOD service.

For Its Detractors, Twitch Is a Site Where Young People Play Video Games

All day and scream in front of their cameras. For its fervent defenders, it is a substitute service for television , on which to entertain and interact with a community. To support Twitch fans and to prove the growing enthusiasm for the brand, the platform was acquired by Amazon for nearly $ 1 billion, just 3 years after its launch in 2011 . A decade after its creation, video game streaming is therefore becoming a real habit, replacing television for some and meeting a larger audience every day. This is evidenced by recent figures published by the Twitch platform, which reports 15 million daily visitors to the platform . WHY BE INTERESTED IN IT? The constantly evolving content

For a long time assimilated to the teenager alone in his room, the streamer has generally become more professional in recent years . Structures bringing together several streamers have emerged and are organized like real Web TVs, which have several thousand viewers (spectators) continuously throughout the day and a staff of managers and program managers. Screen rendering today is very close to that of television and professional streamers have become real stars. Parts of the twitch platform are sometimes broadcast in stadiums The content offered is also no longer the same and is no longer confined to video games. By going to the Twitch platform, you will be able to watch talk shows, ASMR or even the newspaper .

In Addition, Some Media Now Cover Live Events Such as High-tech Shows or Events

such as those of yellow vests. the major e-sport shows are also broadcast on the twitch platform A young and mainly male audience Far from the traditional target of television (generally the purchasing manager), streaming is aimed mainly at young people (50% are between 18 and 34 years old) and men (81.5% of users) . It is an opportunity to advertise on Twitch for companies targeting a young male audience, which is gradually abandoning traditional media. E-sport, the sports version of the video game, sometimes sees thousands of spectators gather in venues, such as the Staples Center in Los Angeles or the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. In addition, in many cities, gamer bars are opening to play video games and watch competitions. The number of visitors, regular day and night is also a reason why businesses should be interested in Twitch.

On average, the video game platform has 1.25 million simultaneous spectators around the world , but it can jump at big events. For example, during a major competition, Riot Games, which publishes the famous League of Legends game , gathered 640,000 simultaneous viewers on its channel . In France, an exceptional record peak reached 390,000 spectators, during a parody show of Romeo and Juliet broadcast on the Squeezie channel. THE PLATFORM FOR MARKETING Why ? The first significant advantage of the Twitch platform is the direct interaction between the user and the streamer .

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