Upgrading on digital tools and social networks Find potential leads

Take stock of the first semester of the year Prepare for the next school year Sign contracts while your competition is idle. If you liked this article, check out our customer experience page or check out our article on how to motivate your salespeople . Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information Without a global strategy combining traditional and digital means, the conversion rate will be very low. If you liked this article, check out our customer experience Kuwait Email List page or read our articles on this topic. Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information.

On subjects that directly or indirectly affect your customers. If we take our example, we wrote an article on CSR in the construction industry. We are not specialized in CSR but the building sector that we seek to reach and it likely to be interested in it. In addition, an inbound marketing approach allows, thanks to the different content, to be able to disseminate your know-how on different formats such as: Emailing and newsletter Social networks. Note all the same that inbound marketing must give an important place to page optimization (SEO) . Anyone can create content, but it must be incorporated into an SEO strategy. To do this, you must respect the basic rules of SEO so that your articles are visible in the first Google results.

However, this is still not enough and therefore you have to use

AdWords to increase your visibility. Marketing automation to interact in real time. To boost your commercial prospecting, nothing better than marketing automation. Its objective is simple, that of automating tasks and creating the beginnings of a customer relationship. As mentioned previously, marketing automation comes before telephone contact because it allows you to anticipate and know a purchasing attention. Thanks to the scoring that you will put in place, you will be able to make a personalized commercial proposal. The interest is very strong, because it makes it possible to offer a very pleasant customer experience which benefits the customer relationship.

Today with digital we can no longer only afford to run cold campaigns, we must know why, when and how the customer wants to do business with us. Marketing automation also makes it possible to have real-time feedback and thus to position oneself effectively in relation to a customer. Just like the actions in this article, marketing automation must be worked with other channels. Social networks to directly reach your leads Social networks nothing better to boost its commercial prospecting while developing its notoriety. While social media won’t determine a lead buy, it does show you exist.

Building a strategy around social networks is extremely important

Today because it creates your reputation. Reputation on the web is one of the sinews of war for any good marketer today. The more followers we have, the more visible we are, the more Traffic we have on our site, the more sales we make. Everything is extremely convergent since a social media strategy creates a real snowball effect. To develop a good social media strategy you will need to: Create relevant content in order to offer them to your audience Define which social networks are most relevant to you. That is, if you are a service company like ours, a Pinterest account is not a necessity.

Place call-to-action on the website, your emails to encourage sharing or following your pages Go look for potential accounts with which you can do business Interact with your community but also with all the players in your market. Today the notion of reputation is important and social networks allow this. Like many of us, we pay attention to reviews, to the number of followers which are signs of trust. In addition, social networks must be used by salespeople and in particular LinkedIn. By pushing specific content to targeted people the chances of signing a contract are stronger. Today’s marketing, communications and sales team must work hand in hand for more efficient performance.

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