Video Marketing: A Fundamental Tool In Tofu Tactics

From now on, any brand wishing to strengthen its digital presence cannot afford to turn its back on video. The evolution of online content consumption habits over the past few years is proof of this. According to Limelight Networks’ The State of Online Video 2019 study , users spend an average of six hours and 48 minutes per week watching videos on the Internet , a growth of 59% in just three years. And the device most used for this activity is, not Norway WhatsApp Number List surprisingly, the smartphone . It can be said that the cell phone has popularized digital video viewing , making it possible at almost any time and place, which is driving the demand from the users.

In response, brands have integrated audiovisual elements into their digital marketing strategy , incorporating them into their Content Marketing actions, their Social Media plan and, of course, their performance tactics. LUCÍA GONZÁLEZ , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM GROUP SPAIN Video marketing is gaining ground in online strategies The data relating to the rise of video marketing is categorical. The report Video Marketing Statistics 2019 Wyzowl points out that 87% of companies use video as an additional marketing tool, while 83% of professionals emphasize that the videos give them a good return on investment .

By Analyzing The Phenomenon From The Point Of View Of Users

the effectiveness of audiovisual content as a mechanism generating awareness, commitment and, even, incitement to action is confirmed: 96% of people surveyed by Wyzowl say they trust video tutorials to discover new details about a product or service. Moreover, for 68% of them, it is the most appropriate communication channel for consuming this type of information. 79% admit that a corporate video convinced them to buy software or download an app. The uses of video marketing in the TOFU phase By leveraging Wyzowl’s data a little more, we can see that video marketing is not only a strategy for the present, it is also a strategy for the future. The interest in consuming more audiovisual content created by brands is very important.

But what kind of videos are users expecting? 39% are looking for answers to frequently asked questions. 20% ask for more playful content, which can go viral. 10% want to see more vlogs and 9% prefer interactive videos. Tutorials y vídeoblogs, entre los contenidos de vídeo online preferidos por los usuarios Video takes on great importance as a tool of attraction in the top of the conversion funnel (TOFU). At this point, it should be emphasized that videos pursuing this goal should be short, lasting no longer than 60 seconds: attention drops considerably from this limit.

Audio, Video & Connected Tv Managing Director At Labelium Group Spain

The role of video marketing is particularly relevant for interacting with the target in the discovery phase through social media posts, as shown by the data collected by Breadnbeyond : On Facebook , the engagement of posts with a video is 13.9% higher than the rest. 75% of Instagramers clicked or viewed more information about a brand or product after watching a video. Snapchat has 10 billion video views per day from its users. TikTok is another social network that prioritizes video in its content offering and is starting to open up as an advertising platform for businesses. It presents interesting possibilities for video marketing thanks to its Hashtag Challenges.

Video marketing on YouTube and on the Google network Video marketing is, of course, the big protagonist to generate interest in the TOFU phase within the video social network par excellence: YouTube . In addition, this platform beats television in terms of advertising effectiveness . A study by Ipsos for Google reveals that users are attentive to YouTube ads for 62% of the time when the look on their computer and over 83% of the time when the look on their mobile phone. On television, this attention is limited to only 45% of exposure time.

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