Vlog and B2B: a possible alliance?

Are vlog and B2B compatible or is it only for B2C? Today, video is the most important medium or type of content for developing strategies. Indeed, video responds to an increasingly strong demand from B2C consumers, in particular generations Y and Z. Almost 90% of generation Y and 96% of generation Z watch at least one video per day. Video blogs, more commonly known as Vlogs, are very popular because they create engagement. In a B2B context, video is more and more promising and generator of visibility. Even though 96% of companies are Cape Verde Email List considering this type of content only 6% do. Having a Vlog, that is to say a content site geared towards video, cannot contain only this type of content.

Because yes, even if you have a Vlog, you need to work on your SEO. However, the question of the vlog and B2B relationship can arise when statistics show that a person uses the same means of research in his personal or professional life. Indeed, according to a Google study, 74% of Internet users inquire before an act of purchase or quote. Therefore, we can ask ourselves if vlog and B2B are really compatible to boost your marketing strategies? What is a Vlog? To give a very simple definition, a vlog is a blog where video content is king. But this definition would be far too simplistic. A vlog is much more than that, it is a portal in its own right and just like a blog, it needs SEO.

However, the referencing of a video or a blog is carried out on two levels:

A first on the referencing of the video itself, in particular through video platforms A second which concerns SEO and the basic SEO rules found in a classic blog post. Therefore in terms of SEO a Vlog must be built in the same way as a Blog. That is to say by respecting the elementary rules of SEO. The advantage of a Vlog over a regular blog is that the content is much more engaging. However, you have to be careful when making a video because it must respond just like a blog post to one problem and not several. In the very structure of a video, you have to imagine answering a question likely to interest your personas . Much like a blog post, a vlog should be structured.

You need to introduce your topic first and then develop it into 2 or 3 clear and concise points. Moreover, it is important to take into account these two criteria for your video to be successful like: The duration which must be around 90 seconds to keep it clear and concise. The longer your video, the more your audience will be lost. The introduction of a subtitle, or keyword to define technical jargon. Example of a Vlog type marketing video. Why make video a marketing asset? Today, video is content that is increasingly watched, sought after and requested by Internet users. According to several studies marketing and video specialists would be the 4 th just behind communication tool: Newsletters that reach a lot of people in a short time at a very low cost. Blogs which are today one of the main sources of content for companies from a digital point of view.

Social Media, which allows you to create more engagement through

The creation of a community The fact that video is so important in a digital strategy is explained by various criteria which are: Changes related to consumption which must adapt to B2B and which are anchored in our professional lives The fact that 74% of web traffic turns to video according to Google and YouTube That 96% of companies are turning to a video strategy even 6% are using it The long-term return on investment video can bring The facility for distribution on all social networks The dynamic and attractive side of video Changes in consumption patterns are forcing companies to adapt and renew themselves, particularly in B2B.

Because yes, nearly 59% of SME managers prefer to watch or listen to a video rather than reading an article. In addition, 18-35 year olds are extremely fond of this type of content and therefore B2B groups must already reach out to their future interlocutors. However, B2B marketing videos are still rare even though 73% of marketers say video has a big impact on: The image Lead generation Return on investment Does vlogging lead to a better ROI? Making video allows you to have a real return on investment. They are continuously visible on your various social network video channels or platforms (YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo, etc.).

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