Voice and B2B assistants: another lead acquisition opportunity?

88.95 million euros, a maddening sum certainly but it is the projection of the market value of the voice assistants. More often intended for private use, voice assistants are now more present in our daily lives. Already massively present in American households, it is gradually invading the European market, but is it already present in our companies? Voice and B2B assistants, that’s a big question we can ask ourselves around lead acquisition. We can already see those voice assistants in a B2C context are already well exploited. But as we all know, we tend to Russian Federation Email List massively reproduce our daily habits at our work. Voice assistants and B2B are therefore theoretically a new window of lead acquisition.

And yet, if this market grows by nearly 75% per year, would it not be one of the key points of a future acquisition strategy? Voice assistants in numbers Before we start to explain the relationship between voice assistants and B2B, let’s already see the figures for this market. Indeed, many studies have been published in recent months concerning this new communication tool. Very B2B oriented for the moment, voice assistants are opening up a new market including: 19% of French people are regular users. 43.6 million smart speakers were sold in the US in 2018. 1 billion users worldwide. 1 billion searches in 2018 came from voice search.

50% of Google searches will be done by voice in 2020

28% of consumers call a business after a voice search according to Bright Local. 72% of speakerphone owners use this type of search according to Google 4 th most widely used sales channel behind the physical stores, the computer and the phone is 29% of users $ 2 billion is the estimated market value of V-Commerce revenue. This market is expected to reach $ 40 billion by 2022. We can already see from these figures that the voice assistant market is very buoyant. Now let’s see some numbers around its use are that: The age group using voice search the most are 14/17 years old with 51%. Then comes the 18/34 year olds who constitute the real purchasing power to walk with 38% of users.

In terms of uses, the questions are most often general up to 60%, then comes the meteorological information. It is a more powerful tool, because the voice entered nearly 162 words in one minute against 53 by keyboard. Voice assistants and B2B, a possible marriage? Therefore, we can ask ourselves from the views of the figures above whether voice assistants and B2B are compatible. We have seen that the market for voice assistants is booming. As a reminder : 1 billion users worldwide 40 billion estimated sales by 2022 via V-commerce 72% of users are used to this type of search. But are these numbers enough to say today that voice assistants and B2B will directly increase your sales.

Well, in view of the specifics of the B2B market

A simple voice assistant is not enough to close a deal. The reasons for this are very diverse but are mainly due to: The complexity of different markets and B2B industries as a whole. Very often B2B industries sell or offer very expensive services which often require a long period of reflection. To the various internal decision-making processes. It sometimes takes almost a year to sign a contract with a brand when you are a service provider. The issue of digitization which is not always perceived, used or considered rightly. This leads the general public to find this part of the economy outdated and out of step with the times. The real contributions of a new technology in a universe which is still lagging behind despite the will of generations Y and Z to transform all that.

The reason is simple is that it will not bring a direct sale unlike B2C. In addition, will voice assistants invade professional spaces? Voice and B2B assistants to generate more leads? From this last question, a big problem emerges. Do voice assistants allow or will allow to generate leads in B2B? Because as the figures show, voice assistants and B2B are now far from waiting for the figures of B2C. So yes, even if we have our habits which are transcribed in the work, is it really around this technology? Well, we would tend to say that for the moment voice assistants and B2B will not generate leads directly but in the long term yes.

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