New customer acquisition is too much of a focus for most businesses. They tend to neglect their existing ones. A customer timeline is a powerful way to keep track of your customers’ activity and engagement with your business across all channels.

It allows you to see their interactions with you, when they are most active, and what kind of content they respond to best.

Continue reading to know why it’s important and how you could set it up.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a customer timeline for your business:

The next step is to map out your customers’ steps as they move from awareness to purchase. For each stage, think about what your customers are trying to accomplish and their needs.

Develop strategies for each stage.

Once you’ve identified the customer journey stages, you can start developing strategies for each stage. It might include creating content to educate customers in the awareness stage or offering discounts to encourage purchase in the decision stage.

For example, if agents notice that customers who Accounting Directors Email Lists purchase a particular product are more likely to return it, you can take steps to improve its quality. Or, if agents see that customers who interact with your customer service team have a higher lifetime value, you can invest in making sure those interactions are as positive as possible.

Examples of Events You Should

Customer events, also known as customer-acquisition events, are key moments in the customer journey where a brand has the golden opportunity to make a lasting impression.

  • First purchase

It is the moment when a customer first buys your product or service. It’s an important opportunity to make a good impression and start on the right foot.


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  • Free trial sign-up

If you offer a free trial of your product or service, this is the event that starts the clock ticking. It’s crucial to ensure your free trial is high quality and easy to use so that customers will want to stick around once it’s over.

  • Customer service interaction

Every time a customer contacts your customer service team, it’s an opportunity to improve their experience. Track these interactions so you can identify patterns and make improvements.

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