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Thanks to this mode of operation involving people in their strategy, you will increase your turnover and customer satisfaction. In addition, you will be able to follow the evolution of a customer while responding to all stages of sales and after-sales. The result is that you will retain your customers because you will place them at the heart of your strategy. Measuring your return on investment will also be easier thanks to a lead center. A lead center relies Panama Email List on numerous digital tools to generate various reports and statistics. Indeed, behind each call, data is processed and usable to improve its strategies. This is for us an important pledge of confidence because it allows us to report on activity and an increase in your leads.

Human and lead center in the digital age: complementarity? A lead center’s DNA is to use human and digital aspects. We are convinced that digital and human are complementary but above all that digital will not replace humans. Digital is above all a powerful tool to offer a better customer experience. A lead center, therefore, uses human channels such as the telephone and digital to be more efficient. The human aspect seems necessary to us and those regardless of the moment of intervention. Whether chatbots or social networks will not replace humans.

However, today it is necessary to know their uses

in particular for telephone prospecting. Moreover, if there were only digital, the marketing or sales strategy would not be complete. There would be a single-channel and not an omnichannel presence. Without a 360 ° presence, your different strategies will not be able to work. You have to keep in mind the different customer targets as well as the changes in their consumption patterns. Digital is therefore a response to certain points responding to economic aspects, while call centers will bring more complex solutions and a human presence that everyone seeks to maintain. If you liked this article, see our page dedicated to customer experience or read our article on customer relations through chatbots and phoning .

Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information The attitudes of your customers are a factor in whether or not you can do business with them. According to the blog maviecommerciale.fr, during a commercial exchange 50% of the message is translated through gestures. The article goes further by asserting that body language determines a sale. In short, to better understand your customers, you need to be able to analyze and interpret: Data from the web and social media.

The different reporting of telephone conversations to adapt its strategies

And finally focus on non-verbal communication during an interview. Data processing To better understand your customers, you obviously have to process data, but how do you deal with the GDPR? Indeed, the RGPD today obliges companies to be vigilant on data protection but also their management. As a reminder, the regulations focus on three axes which are: The modernization of the rights of the people which consists in strengthening the rights of the people by adapting to the digital transformation. Around this first axis, the principle of consent is mandatory. The obligation of reinforced data security which is the main objective of this reform. The abandonment of the preliminary declarative formalities which sets up the principle of responsibility. This forces companies to hire DPOs (Data Protection Officers) to respond to different requests.

There is therefore an obligation by law to say what your data will be used for. However, the data of your websites, in particular on the performance of your site, are not subject to it. The same is true for social networks where commitments are a form of consent. If you want to build up a customer file, you will be required to define your goals, whatever they may be. If you want data to improve the customer experience, you must be in compliance with article 6 of the Data Protection Act. This law highlights the fact that data must be collected for purposes: Determined Explicit Legitimate This implies that the person must not be deceived. His consent must be given in any case. If you use this data for anything else, then you will be guilty in the eyes of the law.

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