Web reviews, an essential component of your lead generation?

The question of reputation is inherent in communication, marketing and also sales today. We can see on the web, web reviews are everywhere. Whether on social networks, on engines or even on information sites everything is evaluable and evaluated. Even you as an individual are constantly evaluated on every strata of your life. Google in a study on the use of the web in 2018 statistically demonstrated that 74% of web users, or 98% of the population in Western countries, use the rating to consume. Ask yourself, how do you choose a restaurant in a city you Colombia Email Address don’t know? The answer you already have. So yes, in the digital age, web evaluations concern everyone. Whether on a personal or professional basis, this has a significant impact.

Therefore, we can ask ourselves how and why web reviews are essential to your lead generation. Where can we find the web evaluations? We could say in the introduction that web evaluations are found everywhere on the web but where exactly? Well, they’re on a lot of sites, but they’re not just tied to a rating system. Indeed, web evaluations also go through social networks. The more followers you have, but above all the more interactions, the more weight and credibility you will have. But never mind! Let’s take a look at pure reviews that influence your reputation. So where are they? Google has a rating system as soon as you enter the name of a brand.

This is visible on the right side of your screen

And it is the first scoring interface you can come across on a brand. They are your customers, but also your staff and also your competitors Then come to the specialized sites operating on rating systems. We are thinking in particular of well-known B2C sites such as Trip Advisor or Hotel.com for example. Job sites such as Glassdoor or Indeed build a reputation for you. It’s the former employees who rate you and show you what’s going on inside your business from the inside. And to finish the social networks and in particular, Facebook where everyone can leave an opinion. The more positive it is, the higher your score will be, otherwise, it could harm your business. These evaluations are most often accompanied by comments which accentuate the effect of the note.

However, the vast majority of Internet users only trust the rating and not the comments. So be vigilant with notes and comments and especially do not hesitate to interact and especially with your detractors. Why are web reviews important? Why in the digital age, web reviews are important? The digital revolution has fundamentally transformed consumption habits. In fact, in just under 20 years, our consumption habits have changed dramatically. Brought by the retail sector, these changes are due to the expansion of digital. As a reminder, here is digital in a few figures: 98% of French people have regular access

To the web, 74% of Internet users inquire about the web

Before making an act of purchase 88% of millennials watch one video per day 95% of Gen Z watch one video per day 58% of Internet users leave a review after interacting with a brand 1h37 is the average length of time spent on the web All these figures point in the same direction, that of web evaluations. These in view of the uses of Internet users show the importance that web evaluations have. With these web reviews, the sustainability of your business is at stake.

But if your web reviews are bad, will you lose out on lead generation? The answer is linked the more your reputation drops and the fewer leads you will garner. If you liked this article, see our page dedicated to the customer experience or consult our article on the relationship between voice assistants and B2B. Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads? We invite you to contact our teams for more information.

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