Webinar Platform: Come Behind the Scenes With Jadéclo!

Webinar, or webinar in French, is a word resulting from the combination of the terms “seminar” and “web” . This fairly recent communication tool uses live technology or internet streaming. The principle is quite similar to that of television *. As a rule, webinars are only conference or meeting retransmission tools, in other words there is a speaker (the equivalent of a speaker or speaker) who delivers a speech prepared in advance. Even if this form of Ivory Coast Phone Number List webinar still exists, today we are witnessing an evolution of the concept towards a much more interactive and lively form . *: unlike television, streaming allows interaction between the audience and the speaker.

This participatory system generally makes it possible to have content that is better adapted and closer to the desires of the audience. THE WEBINAR: WHY BUSINESSES LOVE IT! The webinar applications are numerous and are used more and more, brands and companies liking its “ direct and effective communication ” side , in cohesion with an audience: • Simple presentation of your company, • Demonstration of the effectiveness of a product directly, • Direct interaction with customers or potential customers, • Tutorial and explanations on the use of a good, a service, cogs of a profession …

Live messaging during the webinar Everything is possible with a webinar

traditional communication goes beyond new limits! The fact that customers and prospects can interact with each other via instant messaging can also lead your customers to convince others to buy your products for you! The testimonial place can be used very commonly in a webinar. The production costs of a program may vary depending on the type of webinar you want to produce, however the democratization of these technologies does not suggest a surge in prices, quite the contrary. Even if direct internet has been slow to develop in France, it still has a bright future ahead of it. Streaming takes, in our case, the form of a debate or simple interview between the various speakers of the live (equivalent of streaming / stream).

Also, interactions with viewers are easily done through a chat function (instant messaging), on which viewers can ask questions and make comments, during the live. Speakers thus have plenty of time to answer them, immediately or when the moment arises during the webinar. A joy for each spectator to be quoted or to obtain the answer to their question live ! HOW IS THE RECORDING OF A WEBINAR GOING? To explain the process and the outcome of a webinar broadcast live, nothing better than a scenario. In the example we are taking today, the webinar consists of a single one-hour part with two guests on the screen and a “ host ” or “ presenter ”.

After arriving at the shooting location a fully equipped studio

Control room, we were able to attend all stages of a webinar. The latter being planned to last one hour . Obviously, everything starts with the installation of the equipment. This task was performed by the director earlier today. Equipment as complex as it is complete was made available for the stream. The material obviously varies depending on the type of webinar carried out, in our case it was a very formal TV set. THE EQUIPMENT AND RESOURCES NEEDED TO BE ABLE TO BROADCAST LIVE We had four high definition cameras , one of which was on a “rail” allowing horizontal tracking. These cameras are positioned so that each of them can take a suitable shot of each guest. Each lens is carefully adjusted in order to have the best possible focus as well as the best color rendering.

Apart from the movable camera, these are placed above HD flat screens . They are used to show people on the set the different information of the presentations they are using. Indeed, each guest can make a presentation (of the powerpoint or keynote type) which will be visible on the live and with which the guest in question to interact directly with keyboard and mouse. A cameraman is present on the set during the webinar broadcast, he is the only person authorized to be there during the filming. He does the tracking shots, tells people on set when they are in the picture, how much time they have left before the show ends, sometimes travels around the set in the middle of live for urgent corrections (which must of course remain invisible!).

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