Website redesign: How to do it? And at what cost?

Website redesign: how to do it and at what price? First of all, you have to keep in mind that the web is a constantly evolving universe. And over time, your current site pages. Also to be taken into account: the graphic and technical charter part. To verify that they correspond to the needs and expectations of consumers as well as those of search engines. Then, it is said that setting up a website redesign project is not always a good option depending on the Equatorial Guinea Email List layout of your current web pages. This is why this article will help you understand if it makes more sense for you to create a new site or to undertake the implementation of a redesign of your site.

What is a redesign? A website redesign makes it possible to modify the appearance of a website with new specifications. This is to update the background on the general structure of the site, but also the visual aspect and the user experience. An analysis of your project will determine the extent of the work to be done on the site redesign. There are two main types of redesign: The simple redesign of the site with the visual aspect: is about modification on your web pages and your home page. It can be added new features.

The complete visual and structural website redesign :

This is a makeover of your site as well as the structure it accompanies. The improvement of certain technical points can take place such as the loading time of your home page. It is important to do a full analysis with a site audit. It will help to know your conversion and bounce rates and act accordingly. print provider Why do a website redesign? There are several advantages to be gained from a website redesign. And we will essentially see the following advantages: Improve your SEO Adapt new languages, CSS requests, and other Google requests.

The main objective of big data is to offer the user the best possible experience. So the more “modern” your site will be, the better you will be referenced. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, it is important to update regularly, but it is not always enough, this is when a redesign is the best solution. Make your site more modern It is often observed that sites created with an age of more or less than 3 years have a design and graphics that no longer correspond to current trends. This aging aspect can impact your bounce or conversion rate. Indeed, Internet users tend to trust a recent site and a strong brand image. Likewise, for the visual of the site, you may not like it, and that it does not reflect the corporate culture you want.

A redesign is then the right solution

Your site will be Responsive Design With all the technological advancements, many people now just go through the phone or tablet and abandon their computers. So, your site must imperatively adapt to all media and with the same brand image. And this is called responsive design. It is important to know that search engines consider compatibility on all screens. Implement new functionality It is preferable, for the life of the site, to regularly add new features or new content. For example, like a “Call To Action” button or posting to your social networks.

And if your site is new, it has content-adding features that are relatively easy for a seasoned person to use. But it’s harder to add these features to a site that’s too old, so you’ll have to deal with a redesign. What is the difference between an overhaul and a creation? quote calculation A redesign is like updating a website. And at a certain stage, it will be less expensive to start from scratch, even if it means changing the CMS and improving the user experience. The border that differentiates the redesign and the creation of the site is very fine.

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