Website design trends come Czech republic Phone number and go as technology evolves over the years. Some trends have a natural death as better options become available, such as Adobe Flash. Some seem like a good idea because they are easy, like widgets. And some are complete mysteries, like the rise in hamburger menus for desktop website design. All three of these trends need to end with 2017, and here’s why. With a final RIP date of 2020. If any part of your law firm’s website uses the Flash Player, now is the time to select an alternative.


Adobe Flash Czech Republic Phone Number

Adobe Flash is software that Czech Republic Phone Number was widely used by website designers and developers at the start of the dial-up Internet era. Introduced in 1996, Flash became a popular way to add animation and interactive elements to websites. In the early days of modern website design (i.e. between 1995 and 2005), Flash was a cutting edge tool in video, audio, and vector rendering. Online advertising relied on Flash, and it was used to make games, interactive and video Czech Republic Phone Number elements on websites, and more. The problem, of course, is that websites and ads utilizing Adobe Flash required users to have the Flash Player software installed, and needed constant updates to load anything utilizing Flash. Which means this was a common sight for years when surfing the web

Widgets Czech Republic Phone Number

A widget is a short Czech Republic Phone Number piece of code that places different elements on your website. Common examples include sidebar advertisements, embedded social media feeds, Google maps, and more. Some widgets are incredibly useful and can add to the user experience of a website. Too many widgets do the opposite and ruin the user experience. With the advent of HTML5 coding and things like JavaScript and SVG. New technologies can do everything Flash can do without requiring. Software installation on behalf of the user. Flash also served as a wide-open door for potential malware attacks, leading Steve Jobs to banish the platform from iPhones in 2010. Adobe announced this year it would “stop updating and distributing the Flash Player.

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