Wechat, a Potential Marketing Tool?

If your goal is to use digital channels to reach a defined group in China, you have no choice but to use WeChat (微 信; Wēixìn). With its wide range of features, the Chinese platform has everything to interest the marketing and e-commerce sectors. What about Facebook? As of December 2015, Facebook had almost 144 million monthly users making it the Austria WhatsApp Number List most popular and used platform in the world. However, despite having a colossal number of users, the social network plays a minor role in many Asian countries.

For its part, WeChat is essential in China with a significant coverage of the population, thus counting 650 million users each month (Source: Stati s ta ). WeChat_2016.jpg The future of social media !? WeChat users aren’t just Chinese. The platform has seen its number of active users increase steadily in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines (Source: walkthechat ). In addition to Asia, WeChat is expanding in Africa. It is estimated that there are already nearly 5 million users in South Africa; figure which should increase further with the joint venture “WeChat Africa” (Source: qz ). Mobile first and mobile first only Unlike other social networks, WeChat was originally designed for use on smartphones.

This Principle Has Always Been the Same Since the Launch of the Platform

This is certainly the major asset of the app that brings it such success, especially on the African continent where in many regions people connect to the Internet with their smartphones and not using laptops or smartphones. office machines. The team behind WeChat shows they have a flair for figuring out what social media users really want. This success is such that the big names like Facebook or Google+ are trying to imitate the well-established Chinese model and offering similar functions and services. For Chinese users, WeChat has also become an essential in their daily life allowing them to:

go shopping, transfer money, buy their cinema tickets or their plane tickets, or even organize their sessions at the laundromat. neighborhood. All this is possible with the help of dedicated services integrated directly into the application. QR-Codes – the path to the world of WeChat The application on smartphones has allowed the QR Code to gain in popularity; with the exception of the rest of the world where the latter is hardly used. Chatters use these codes to avoid the long and laborious job of typing the different URLs before sharing them.

The Recipient Just Needs to Scan the Code to Be Directed to the Correct Web Page

User research also benefits from this code since each account, even private, has a unique QR Code that makes it very easy to find. wechat_QRcode_new.png Scan this code to find out effective on WeChat! (Speak the Chinese is in addition.) Using the QR Code scanner is child’s play thanks to its ingenious integration directly into the application. Moreover, these codes are also available on advertising posters, in public transport. It is used everywhere and all the time. This simple connection between the online world and the physical world has various advantages for both users and Marketing experts.

For example, the interface is specially designed for marketing events. An event (trade fair, celebration, etc.) can be highlighted using QR Codes; the tickets can be directly sold via these famous codes. Finally, other interactions can be imagined and implemented. We can offer a questionnaire, via QR Code, following the event in order to collect valuable information for the organizers. Shops, cafes, bars and many more offer discounts to their customers if they scan their QR Code. Additional interaction often helps encourage the customer to go further, often leading to the act of buying.

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