WeChat Industry Marketing for B2B

Intercultural Skills, Industry Marketing, International Web marketing, Mobile Web, Social Networks B2B Marketing in the Middle Kingdom: Building a successful WeChat marketing strategy for Chinese customers Of the 1.4 billion people living in China, nearly 1 billion are active users of WeChat. We explain the toolset that China’s super app offers for online B2B marketing. With the help of case studies, this whitepaper explains the many means of Belize WhatsApp Number List crafting and measuring brand touchpoints how to generate quality leads, and carry out targeted nurturing how to build strong, lasting customer relationships For more information, download our white paper for free now!

It is important to have these things clear in order to come up with an effective strategy. Other questions are: who are your buyers? Where can they be found online? Which influencers are active within the field? Would they be suitable for your brand as well? Furthermore, you should not forget to decide on a budget and how this budget can be allocated. Keep in mind that you will probably spend more than you initially think. Product samples or appearances on exhibitions need to be taken into account. Once you have a good overview of your expenses and your goals, it is time for the next step.

“kindness Is the Language Which the Deaf Can Hear and the Blind Can See”

Mark Twain’s words are timeless and in terms of influencer marketing surprisingly applicable. Whereas in the B2B-world business communication tends to be more distant, when reaching out to your influencers of choice, kindness is key to winning someone’s endorsement. Nowadays it is getting more difficult to cooperate with successful influencers, because more and more people get aware of their personal branding and what they can achieve with it. This makes influencers pickier, which means you should find a way to convince them of working with you for other than monetary reasons. Engage with the influencer’s content, be interactive and show that your interest is genuine.

Once there is mutual interest, you can start working on a relationship and delve deeper into questions how you share a similar philosophy and how you can both profit from a cooperation. When you are on the same wave-length, you already have a strong foundation for a successful influencer campaign. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford’s quote is exactly what an influencer marketing campaign is all about. Once you have established a sincere working relationship, you can think about what kind of content the two of you want to create, which channels you want to publish it on and what the marketing planning is going to look like.

‘together’ Is the Magic Word Here

Remember that an influencer built up their own social media following and created their own style. As a business marketeer you should respect this. Try to create content that both parties are happy with and that is in sync with your company brand as well as with the influencer’s personal branding. In addition, you can discuss how you want to brand certain products. Do you prefer for instance detailed product reviews, or would you rather see small hints to your brand name? Microcontent is an ideal way to brand your product, without overdoing it. “Numbers tell the tale.” This proverb should be hanging on the wall of every company’s cafeteria. How do you track the results of your influencer marketing campaign? As with any other campaign you can collect data, analyze it and ameliorate your campaigns accordingly.

There are tools that can help you with tracking social media activity. How often was your content viewed, liked and shared? How many new subscribers did you get? How often has your brand been named online during your campaign? Traackr is a tool that was especially created to measure the results of influencer marketing campaigns and is a way for you to get insights in were successes have been made and which obstacles still need to be overcome. However, in order to do so, you should define at first what a conversion is and create landing pages that are conversion-friendly. In conclusion, don’t forget that even when your active brand campaign and the cooperation with the influencer is over, the effects can still be noticed months, sometimes even years later, so wait a while before you start analyzing the success rate of your influencer marketing campaign.

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