Wechat, The Way To Reach The Chinese Consumer

With over 1.112 billion monthly active users globally and with a penetration rate of 79% in the country, WeChat is the app application that dominates the Chinese market . Thanks to its wide range of services, WeChat brings together half of the lives of Chinese users in a single ecosystem of applications. How do users use WeChat? What are the opportunities for digital marketing on this platform? How do Chinese users use WeChat? The report, WeChat Economic Nepal WhatsApp Number List and Social Impact of the Chinese Academy for Information and Communication Technologies ( CAICT ), features the following graphic which visually summarizes what WeChat means for users. Chinese:

WeChat is a highly sophisticated application whose algorithm works with artificial intelligence for speech recognition, images and personalization of the feed. It can be used as an application: 1. From social networks: To maintain contact with and interact with contacts : on WeChat, users and brands share moments or stories, photos and statuses to which their contacts can react with likes and comments. It allows the creation of private groups. To consume content online : read information, watch videos, follow brand or media pages to be aware of publications, or become a fan of influencers. 2. Private messaging: WeChat offers the possibility of making traditional calls or making video calls, as well as sending text messages with photos and videos.

An Application App That Offers Other Services (Mini-programs):

Mini-Programs work as third-party applications in WeChat . Instead of downloading a different app for each brand, these are integrated into WeChat and offer services for over 200 industries. Take mini-games as an example, but there are also Mini-Programs for booking travel, e-commerce, home food delivery, etc. Every day, a European uses at least a dozen of the most varied applications, each of them specializing in a task (different social networks, messaging, viewing videos, payments, etc.). The Chinese user does not have to switch from one application to another: he can access all the services through WeChat. TONY CHEUNG , MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM CHINA

Corporate communication with “WeChat at Work”: According to China Internet Watch , 80% of the top 500 Chinese companies use WeChat on a daily basis to manage their communications with both their employees and their customers. WeChat at Work allows you to organize tasks, manage employee working time and even make calls at work. 5. A payment method or wallet: The service WeChat Pay allows its users to link their bank account to the application so they pay with it by using credit cards and they perform other financial functions such as direct purchases, payments and transfers to other accounts, as well as loan applications. The important role of QR codes should be emphasized here.

Companies That Offer Payment By Wechat Have To Get Used

to working with this type of codes because, in the usual practice, users scan them and receive the product page on their smartphone to make the payment with the phone. Opportunities for digital marketing on WeChat How can brands take advantage of WeChat’s potential beyond their organic presence? The types of accounts on WeChat: It is worth reviewing the different types of accounts that WeChat allows to open on its platform: Subscription account : it is directed to the creation and distribution of content with which users can interact and which they can share. The owner can be an individual user or a company. It has one push post per day and its menus can be personalized, but it does not integrate any payment method.

Income is obtained through the placement of display ads. Service account : this type of account is designed for businesses since it increases the reach of their publications. It allows four push posts per month that reach the user through a chat message. It has the possibility of developing forms of payment for e-commerce, vouchers and loyalty programs. Company account : this account is required to use WeChat at Work . This is a tool for internal company use, so push messages are not restricted. Advertising formats on WeChat: Different advertising formats are used to reach the user on WeChat: Ads with banners : this type of ad appears in articles published on the platform.

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