What is a lead center?

Generating leads is the lifeblood of all companies today, but do they know how to manage them? The term lead center may seem at first glance rather barbaric but it responds to a growing demand. Many businesses today are overwhelmed by external calls and are unable to process requests. This obviously leads to loss of contracts and only a lead center can respond to this problem. Therefore, several questions arise: How can we explain the term lead center? Is it a simple call center or a call center capable of handling and generating Estonia Email List leads for its customers? These are the questions we will try to answer in this article. How to define a lead center? A lead center Here is a new anglicism that is invading the telephone outsourcing market.

Indeed, the term lead center brings together two distinct but very similar terms which are: The lead (prospect in French) The call center The first of these terms is the fact of deciphering the people likely to pass to an act of purchase. Lead generation can be defined as the detection of signals of interest emitted by potential customers, in particular via the web. These signs are measurable and quantifiable such as the number of visits to the site, the forms or the exchanges maintained. The second that of the call center is the anglicism of the term call center. A call center can differentiate itself on three levels.

A first-level that will solve basic problems such as bad connections

A second level which comes after the first which aims to solve more technical problems. Finally a third and final which intervenes if the two previous ones have not succeeded in responding to a problem. It is made up of highly qualified personnel, just like what we do . They are people specialized in a very specific environment able to respond to varied and very technical issues. Like levels 1 and 2, the latter do not follow a script because they know the technical aspects thanks to their training in sales and engineers. To define more precisely what a lead center is, it is necessary to take the best aspects of these two terms.

That is to say, a lead center uses advanced human and digital technical capacities of high levels for the management of the potential customers of a company. A lead center will handle incoming calls identified by forms or by acquisition emails. Therefore, prospecting does not take place cold. Is a lead center different from a call center? A lead center by its definition is different from a call center because the latter does raw prospecting. Even though both use similar techniques, a lead center has a willingness to process information. In a lead center, the notion of digital is very important and these tools are systematically used through marketing automation for example.

We find it through CRM tools and the notion of scoring that a lead generates

A CRM allows customer relationship management by grouping together all the marketing actions and devices that strengthen the customer experience. The goal is to optimize the customer relationship by providing a unique and individual solution to each of them. A CRM tool also makes it possible to retain customers through the personalization of the offer. A lead center brings this point, while a call center will just process a request without prior customization. The notion of scoring is also one of the key points of a lead center. As a reminder, scoring is a marketing action that gives a rating according to the actions that a person performs on a site. If the latter downloads a white paper, fills out a contact form or whatever, he earns points.

According to a Ledgeview Partners study, 44% of companies now have a lead scoring system. Therefore, using an outsourced lead center is the most profitable solution for a company. Indeed a lead center is able to generate, manage, score and transmit qualified leads to a company. If you liked this article, check out our dedicated customer experience page or check out our infographic for a successful lead center. Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information

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