What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is a term we hear more and more in the communication world but many do not really know what it is. In this article, your communications agency explains to you what Growth Hacking is for and how companies use it to propel their business. via GIPHY WHAT IS GROWTH HACKING USED FOR? Boost your business growth through growth hacking! Literally “Growth Hacking”, Growth Hacking consists of using all means, in Netherlands Phone Number List particular sometimes unconventional digital means, to increase the number of users of your product or service. Concretely ,

it is first of all a very particular state of mind to adopt, centered around a well-defined goal: to increase one’s presence in the public and private spheres so that as many potential customers as possible are brought to consult and then consume. service or product and to use it. To achieve this objective, it is then a range of techniques (some of which are sometimes bordering on legality) which are used. These Growth Hacking marketing techniques revolve around 5 main axes. The guideline: follow the customer from discovery to purchase action. THE AARRR MATRIX Acquisition Acquisition is the act of acquiring targeted traffic .

Concretely, it is to bring a very specific audience to come

consult its website, its social network or its application. Properly targeting its audience is essential because bringing a large audience to its site can be unattractive if it is not likely to consume the service offered . Set up facebook growth hacking or instagram growth hacking to get your business off the ground! This step is essential given that it is the first interaction with the potential client and it is from this step that all the others will follow. In their early days, the founders of Airbnb struggled to acquire traffic to their site, so what was their approach?

Automate the publication of all their ads on Craigslist, the American leboncoin. So as soon as they added a new file on their application / site, it was automatically found on Craiglist. This site, already in place for a long time, generated a lot more traffic. This is how Airbnb managers were able to increase the first visibility of their site . They sort of “cannibalized” the traffic on Craiglist. Acquisition Growth Hacking tips: Identify a place where its target is very present and redirect it Retrieve email addresses from prospects on social networks SMS marketing,

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Turn your visitors into customers with activation growth hacking Activation Activation is turning visitors to your site into customers . To do this, it is essential that the added value of the product or service is clearly defined. In addition to providing relevant added value , a tool must be in place to effect this transformation. For example, for a blog, subscribing to a newsletter as well as downloading an e-book are relevant indicators of visitor engagement . It’s about finding the trigger that will make your visitors go from simple anonymous to identified people.

A famous example: Dropbox noticed that users who uploaded at least one file were statistically much more likely to use the service again. So they now encourage uploading a file upon registration. For the same reason, Twitter encourages users to follow accounts upon registration. Activation Growth Hacking Tips : Registration Form Encouragement to use the service upon registration Facebook retargeting Free e-book … Retention This is surely the most important step here, retention is to ensure that your target returns regularly to consume your product or service. He must be encouraged to come back. A widely used example is the sending of notifications which aims to anchor the existence of the service in the head of the prospect so that it does not move on. Retention growth hacking aims to retain your users. A well-known example: the use of notification on mobile applications.

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