What is sure to work for your business offering

Is there a trick to understanding the value of the commercial offer you make in BtoB? Having customers validate our approaches and proposals, carried out in the sense of always better meeting their expectations and needs, is a good and after all usual approach. Why not turn the subject around and start by asking the customer what they are really expecting? This is another way to more accurately match their needs, and which can (should?) Become just as usual.

A tip for your commercial offer Concepts such as “leaving your office to go see your clients” or “talk to your clients” are not really new, the even Dominican Republic Email List if today, the modes of interface with clients are notably enriched by the digitization of the customer relations and inbound marketing. Many authors have extolled the countless proven virtues of customer interaction. Many managers have used market and customer research as a key driver of business growth. However, is it through this market research that you will be able to bring the most substantial value to your customers?

When most of us do market research or customer research

What do we do first? We bring our team together, we reflect and establish a list of questions or proposals for which we will seek validation. But are you sure you are starting from reliable elements? To have avoided the traps of cognitive biases? What if your customer had a radically different view of your products and services? Then you might never be able to understand the true value of your offer. Because it will not meet the expectations of your customer and your commercial offer will be null and void.

Of course it seems obvious, but it is necessary to first question your client so that he tells you what he expects. In addition, ask him questions so as to detect what he really expects that he does not want or cannot express. Try by the nature of your questions to discern how your products and services add value. Write down and save these points to then build your customer argument questionnaire that it can then more easily validate or amend. If you prioritize direct information to establish questions and value propositions, then these will resonate more with them. If you liked the article, do not hesitate to read our articles on Think & Sell ? Do you want to be supported in your improvement process to increase your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information

For refractories, digital is for them an opportunity

An additional lever that stands out from the others. However, multidisciplinarity and exchanges between services are not a necessity. Defenders of siled operation above all want to frame their employees, the information as well as the results of each department. To answer the initial problem, the operation is not dead yet, however with Generation Y which obtains more and more important positions, the operation in silos will tend to disappear. If you liked this article, consult our page dedicated to the customer experience or to consult our article on the mobile and social media experience in 2018. Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information

From 2009 to 2017, the turnover from the web increased from 887 million to 7.9 billion dollars. We can therefore see that the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday market are strategic dates for companies to have a maximum return on investment on their actions. Thanksgiving in communication and marketing tools Thanksgiving is also a time for many brands to invest in communication and marketing. Just like for major popular events, brands do not lack imagination to make people talk about them. Commercials on American TV are trading at a high price. In 2012, 30-second commercials exceeded one million dollars.

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