What is SXO?

Today, SEO is the key to visibility on the Web! But what is SEO? Developing your visibility with digital marketing and social networks requires global mastery like SEO SXO. This is why doing a audit SXO or set up directly an optimization strategy SXO, the research experience is a good method to improve your conversion rate, your loading time of web pages. And therefore to meet the expectations of Internet users as much as possible. The SXO or UX design is one of Guinea Email List strategies SEO(Search Engine Optimization) for optimizations for Google engines and algorithms .

In this article we will explain what are the technical optimizations regarding ‘ optimizing the user experience taken into account in your strategy to meet the changing SEO. SEO definition SXO? Search Experience Optimization ( SXO ) is a newer and more comprehensive approach to website optimization that combines traditional SEO tactics with experience best practices. So, by leveraging in-depth knowledge of the culture to complement your keyword research, it can help you identify the missing pieces of your content strategy.

Search engines like Google are making tremendous

strides every day in responding to users’ intentions and providing them with the most relevant information. Finally, the optimization of the exp. & search will evolve your search marketing efforts so that they are less search engine driven and more end user focused. And while broadening your perspective on the types of content expansion opportunities that can take your organic web performance success to new heights. Google website SXO : How can I optimize the loading time of my site? Improving the performance of a page is not always easy.

This can range from the deactivation of a few superfluous modules on a CMS to a complete overhaul of the site (bad infrastructure, poorly optimized database, etc.). But there are concrete and rather universal solutions to save a few precious milliseconds. Minimize HTTP requests to improve your SXO A request = a round trip from the browser to retrieve an element from your page. Of course, it takes time. We must therefore try to reduce the number of these requests as much as possible. This is a fairly technical manipulation that must be entrusted to a developer.

The PageSpeed ​​Insights tool can help you spot these unnecessary queries

Using CDNs to improve your SXO It is more than likely that a large number of your users are not near your web server. The CDN (Content Delivery Network) then acts as a “relay antenna”. It reduces this distance by distributing your content to servers located all over the place. The called server is selected according to its proximity to the user. SXO : Enable browser caching The cache is a kind of temporary backup of the content of your site. In-browser caching allows you to download your site’s resources once on your hard drive to a cache or temporary storage. These files are then stored locally on your system, which increases the download speed of subsequent pages.

In principle, static content is kept in the cache for about a week, while widgets and other ads are only kept 24/48 hours. Compress images to improve your SXO The most common problem encountered is the weight of images. On average, they occupy 60% of the page weight and generate a large number of requests. The first solution is to remove any icon or font libraries that you are not using. You can also replace certain images with CSS replicas (like colored backgrounds for example). Once this part has been cleaned up, you can tackle images directly, especially large formats.

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