What Is the Future of Influencer Marketing?

For more than 10 years, influencer marketing has had great rainless days, however, like everything, there are certain limits that should not be crossed . Influencers are trying to change and we even see that the race for “Instagram’s most beautiful and harmonious feed” falters when the perfect photo looks more like a photo taken in the act. Brands also try to be present in the right place, at the right time, in order to make consumers believe that it is they who came to Nepal Phone Number List seek the information and not the other way around. what is the future of influencer marketing with the more frequent use of smartphones On the Instagram platform, for example, we are trying to avoid the race for likes .

Indeed, some influencers only take this into account and forget the primary function of the network: sharing, sharing, sharing. This is why Instagram is currently in the testing phase and is removing likes from influencer accounts . What are the consequences for them, for brands but also for subscribers? Jadéclo will tell you more very quickly! To conclude : Increasingly important over the past 10 years, influencer marketing has even created a new profession: that of influencer! Evolving at the same time as our society, this new form of communication adapts to the 2.0 habits of consumers. How will this evolve in 10 years? What will be the consequences on other more traditional means of communication? Jadéclo will be there to give you the answer!

Pexels: the Best Amateur Photographers of the Moment

Another free stock image bank, Pexels ! The photos offered by the platform are of very good quality and can be reused freely for commercial or non-commercial purposes. On Pexels, you can download visuals or videos for free. Once your keyword has been typed in the search bar and your image selected, you can choose to download it in the format of your choice: original, medium, small or personalized. Pexels also offers a ranking of the best photographers in its community. In other words, you can consult the profile of the photographers who received the most views during the last 30 days.

You will find his photos, his personal social networks and the statistics of his account on Pexels. Pexels is a French platform , so you won’t need translations to do your keyword research! Discover Pexels, the free royalty-free image bank! Note : the platform regularly organizesthemed photo contests inorder to put photographers in competition, the winner winning a nice sum of money. VISUALHUNT: ACCESS TO A VAST LIBRARY Our latest royalty-free image bank, Visualhunt , which has more than 60,000 photos on its platform. Visualhunt gathers royalty-free images from different websites in order to offer the most complete library possible to its users.

Use Visualhunt for Your Creations, the Free Royalty-free Image Bank! Again

If you lack inspiration, you can directly consult the categories offered by the platform. Once you have completed your keyword research, you can filter the results by color dominance or by license type. This is because Visualhunt offers both images that you can reuse for commercial use, but also non-reusable images and public domain images. Once your visual has been selected, you have access to all the information about it: camera used, resolution, color palette of the visual, etc. The author of the snapshot also indicates whether you are allowed to reuse his work in a commercial context or not, and whether you can modify it or not. You can then download your visual in the size of your choice.

Note : Visualhunt is available in English, so you will need to translate your keywords to search for your visuals. To conclude : Online platforms are therefore very numerous on the internet, which will allow you to have access to a wide range of visuals for your networks, your website or your graphic creations! Now it’s up to you to find the free royalty-free image bank that suits you best! You will be able to keep it preciously in your favorites with your other digital tools, such as Canva , to optimize your creations as well as possible!

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