What Is the Profile of Facebook and Instagram Users?

Welcome to you curious little one. If you have reached this article, it is because you are already aware that the Facebook and Instagram user profiles of your networks are plural! Your targets therefore do not all behave linearly on networks. In short, there wouldn’t be a single Facebook or Instagram user profile. At Jadéclo , we can confirm it to you: not all user profiles like and comment in the same way . In real life or on social media, no two people react the Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List the same way. This is why it is necessary to build a true understanding of the different connected consumers. Why ? So as not to panic if the commitment is not there (because it’s not just that that matters) and then to learn how to address each of your different Facebook and Instagram user profiles.

The different behaviors of Facebook internet user profiles Thus, the success of your digital action plan can only come from an in-depth understanding of the target consumers : their values, their desires and their behaviors. So let’s see together what these profiles are and what their social media usage habits are. FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM USER PROFILE: LEADERS ALSO CALLED “INFLUENCERS” At the top of digital influence and social engagement stand those we will call “Leaders” or also “influencers”. Very invested in networks, these profiles of Internet users are extremely connected .

It’s Also the Most Active Type of Profile on Social Media

but not necessarily the most important to target in your strategy. In fact, very self-centered , they generally use networks to promote themselves without getting too involved with other brands and influencers . The profiles of internet influencers How to recognize a leader on the networks? Leaders are creators of content such as articles, photos, videos, etc. Obviously, this speech as well as this presentation may change with the removal of likes on Instagram. How to achieve this target? Influencers are full-fledged Facebook and Instagram user profiles. You will not target it directly but you will work with it to reach as many Internet users as possible. Influencers can and should be an integral part of your strategy to promote your offering on their own networks.

FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM USER PROFILE: THE FUNCTIONAL ALSO KNOWN AS “THE OPPORTUNISTS” The Functional profile groups together conservative users who are generally less comfortable with technology than others . As the name suggests, this profile only uses networks and technologies if they feel a real need to do so. This profile uses technology in a very thoughtful way and appreciates it more for its practicality than for the social uses it offers.

How to Recognize a Functional on the Networks?

He subscribes to accounts (influencers or companies) only for the added value that this will give him; whether it is a question of carrying out daily monitoring or inquiring about promotions, for example. This profile does not tend to get too involved and rather obtains a role of spectator. Observer on social networks How to achieve this target? Uncomfortable with technology, the publications and information provided must be easily understood and reassuring. Requesting efforts (eg donation of personal data) to access content would be an aberration for this type of target.

FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM USER PROFILE: OBSERVERS ALSO SAY “THE DISCREET” Observers are very curious and enthusiastic about the technology with which they are extremely comfortable. On the other hand, we can distinguish them from Leaders by their lack of enthusiasm for social networks . This profile is therefore more motivated by their interest in the functionalities offered by technology rather than by social engagement. The profiles of observant Internet users do not tend to engage How to recognize an observer on the networks? These personalities are quite reluctant to share details of their private lives. They are therefore just present on the networks to see what others are doing, get information and react when they feel like it. How to achieve this target? Discreet does not mean inactive, on the contrary.

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