Content is key when participating in social media
During the keynote, Tina Brown, founder of, suggested content needs to have clarity, sophistication and seduction.  She also suggested that keys to content success include timing (having the right message at the right time), building links (“link love is where it’s at”), and being inventive (active, not passive).    Tina shared that it’s a multi-platform world; you have to leverage all the potential platforms (including social media) to get the best results.


Engage with customers and prospects where they are, not just where you want them to be
According to Forrester, 4 out of 5 people participate socially online, plus there are more to come since 1 in 13 people are using the internet.  This supports that social media isn’t just a phase you can ignore while continuing your traditional marketing efforts.  It’s your job to be where customers and prospects want you to be .  Oh, and if you don’t know where your customers are, use web analytics (originating sources), social media searches, or simply ask so you can participate where you are going to make the biggest impact online.

The Key to Connecting

With prospects and customers online is to build quality relationships.   I heard many examples of this from B2B marketers presenting at sessions yesterday, including Hungary Phone Number Techrigy SM2 and Alterian who were both able to achieve successes from social media by building high-quality relationships.  For Techrigy SM2 this meant they could eliminate cold calling while increasing their customer bases 840% in one year- an impressive achievement.

You Can Use Twitter

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For lead generation.  Look for mentions of your brand or company (including watching for misspellings), follow industry terms and phrases, watch for competitor mentions, and then look for an expressed need for your product to find those that are most likely a potential prospect.  Though don’t stop there, watch what people are saying about your company to help product management, alert service and support when needed, and share content to enhance brand and “humanize” your company.


Sales and marketing alignment can be improved with lead scoring and lead nurturing
Proper sales and marketing alignment are often a struggle for many companies.  Marketers can improve their relationship with sales by scoring leads (both on demographics and behavior), allowing sales reps to focus on the most qualified leads plus nurturing leads to ensure they don’t get stuck in the sales funnel and continue moving through your pipeline.


Create country specific social media campaigns
Develop your own social media marketing strategy based on your. Company’s geographic target and reach because different countries and. Cultures use social media in different ways.  For example, 140 million people are online in china but some of the content and sites like twitter and facebook, are banned.  Also, japan is the number one blogging country in the world and the uk is the number. One tweeting country in the world, with london being the number one city. These are important facts to keep in mind when deciding. How and where to place your company’s efforts in social media.

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