What Questions to Ask Before Starting a Professional Blog?

For a small or large business, starting a professional blog is a huge challenge . Very stimulating at first, it is important not to start in all directions and to ask the right questions. Time-consuming, managing a blog is not easy and many projects are abandoned, which is why many companies get help from a digital communication agency . Today, Jadéclo gives Chile Phone Number List you a list of essential questions to ask yourself in order to best succeed in creating your business blog: the path to visibility is waiting for you. What questions to ask before starting a professional blog? WHY CREATE A BLOG ?

Set a main goal You don’t start a professional blog by chance. Even if talking about your activity, sharing it with Internet users is very pleasant and can be perceived as a real outlet that changes daily: there are always one or more objectives to launch your blog . Here are some of the most common reasons for starting a business blog: List the goals to meet when starting a professional blog Increase the number of visitors to your site and present your activity Show you from a different, more human perspective and unite a community Prove your expertise in the eyes of all and establish yourself in your market Retain visitors to your site and convert your traffic into leads Appear in the first results of search engines to strengthen your SEO strategy Refine your thinking and ideas by answering the QQOQCCP

You Are on the Right Track, You Are Motivated and You Have Determined

the main goal of your blog. To refine your thinking and start in the right direction , take something to write down and face the famous QQOQCCP , the simplest and most effective questioning method to launch a project. Which ? Who do you want to address your blog to? What is the target of your site initially and in the long term? Is your target large or is it a niche? What ? What are you going to offer on your blog? What will the themes of your blog deal with? What are you going to bring in more than your competitors? Where ? Where are you going to host your blog? On which platforms and social networks do you need to be present to promote your articles? When ?

When will your blog be up and running? When should you work on it? How often should you post on your blog? How? ‘Or’ What ? Do you have to do it all yourself or hire a content agency ? How to make a success of your launch? How to write your articles and optimize them? How to improve the visibility of your articles? How many ? The question of how much is closely related to your budget and how much time you spend on your blog (please be patient, we’ll come back to these two parts right after 😉). Why ? Finally, the why answers the question “why create a blog?” And your main goal. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already answered this question. Let’s move on.

How Much Time Should You Give to a Blog?

Once you have set your goals, it is important to ask yourself the question of how much time you want to allocate to this blog. Creating a professional blog is a long process, which should be seen as a long term investment . So, should you entrust the creation of your blog to a professional, who will take time (to exchange your ideas, proofread the content, provide the information you want to appear, etc …), or simply its natural referencing? Are you going to write your blog content yourself in-house or hire an outside provider?

Do you have the skills to do it all from A to Z or would it be a good idea to take a training course to start a professional blog ? Create a professional blog yes, but how much time should you spend on it? Many questions that must be asked upstream and which will determine the time you will devote to your blog , the number of articles written and therefore: your visibility. But all this will also influence the last point that we will discuss together: your budget! WHAT BUDGET TO INVEST IN A BLOG? Even if you decide to start a professional blog yourself, the myth of the free professional blog does not exist . Many elements must be taken into account such as the host you are going to choose, your domain name, the template of your blog, the plugins

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