1. Real ROI Results

If a team has launched a new marketing strategy for an existing product or service, then they first need to have a sales benchmark for a given period of time in the past. Once the new strategy is launched, then it will be essential to monitor changes in sales over a given period of time. The keys to parsing this parameter correctly are the following:

    • A new marketing strategy should not be USA Phone Number established at the same time, because it will be impossible to know which one is increasing the number of sales. Therefore, design a campaign and focus on it, controlling any increase in sales that may take place.


    • Sufficient time must pass to assess whether the strategy is really working. A new email marketing campaign or the decision to expand to a new social network, for example, will not show results overnight. It is very important to establish a reasonable period of time to follow the sales thoroughly.


  • If you decide to start more than one campaign at a time, the truth is that you can, but you must separate the parameters that you are controlling. You’ll need to know exactly where new leads and sales are coming from.

2. Growth and/or Acceleration of the Sales Funnel

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Bring more potential sales to the sales funnelit is usually the result of new or modified marketing strategies. Getting more potential customers to show interest in. A product or service and get them into the funnel so the sales. Team can “Work their magic,” establish the right contacts and relationships. And take those leads with you. The growth of those who enter a sales funnel. When a new campaign has been launched will tell marketers that. The campaign is having positive results. What happens beyond. That may require additional strategies to transform those potential sales faster. But again, this can be measured as well. This usually requires close coordination. Between the marketing and sales departments.

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