What to Put in Instagram Caption to Succeed in Your Publications?

Posting pretty visuals isn’t the only rule to follow on Instagram , Instagram captions have an important role to play as well. The more you make your subscribers want to like and comment on your posts, the more likely you are to gain visibility . Thanks to successful captions , it will be easier for you to get your followers to react , by sharing a story, an interesting anecdote or by asking a simple question! If you’re stuck for inspiration and wondering what to Saudi Arabia Phone Number List caption Instagram , here are some tips you might find helpful to be successful every time!

ADOPT AN EDITORIAL LINE, AND STICK TO IT TO THE END Before you know what to caption Instagram, you first need to know what you mean, and how! Define your editorial line precisely First and foremost, make sure you follow a clear editorial line for your Instagram captions. To define it, you will have to ask yourself the right questions : Who do you want to talk to? Do these people speak French or English? What goals do you want to achieve with your Instagram posts? Or, what tone will be the most appropriate to communicate with your target? You have to choose a precise editorial line on Instagram The tone you choose for your Instagram captions will obviously not be the same depending on whether you are addressing students or CSP + adults.

Likewise, if your target clientele is international

perhaps you should write your posts in English rather than French ? Depending on your positioning on Instagram , you will have the opportunity (or not) to put more emoji or a touch of humor under your visuals: a funny Instagram caption can help make your posts lighter, if the message is there. ready. Be constant! Once your editorial line has been adopted, follow it consistently! As with your feed, it will be essential to set up a common thread for each caption for Instagram. In addition to the tone you have chosen to adopt, you can attach recognizable elements of your brand identity to your captions .

Let your subscribers know that it is one of your publications thanks to recognizable text elements: starting with a quote, a word, a particular emoji, a title in brackets or even through the use of a particular font or case (upper or lower case). WHAT SIZE FOR YOUR INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS? There is no such thing as the perfect size for an Instagram caption – it will all depend on the message you want to convey with your post. Go to the point! According to eMarketer , a research authority on digital transformation, Instagram users spend about 28 minutes per day on average on social media.

The Instagram community would be interested in content

that is quick to consume , entertaining or informative. So, for your Instagram captions, you have to get to the point! If your message fits in only two lines, don’t try to add more. Especially when you know that only the first two lines are visible when a user scrolls through their Instagram feed: so remember to put the most important information at the beginning of the caption. You can use storytelling in your Instagram captions The exception that proves the rule: the case of long legends In some cases, your caption will require more characters than others.

This is especially the case if you want to use storytelling in your Instagram captions. If you have an interesting anecdote to accompany your image, please share it. This will give more life to your image! While it is very useful, storytelling will not be the only case where you can lengthen the size of your captions: microblogging is also a phenomenon that has perfectly intruded on Instagram. This style of writing, which refers to producing blog-style content in a limited format, will allow you to keep your tone light when sharing recipes, instructions or even advice to your community.

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