All enterprises must face. How to make every link unimpeded? Let end-to-end delivery of instant information? Sign up for the online live broadcast on August 5th, enjoy the replay of August, and get a 7-11 digital gift certificate (worth 100 yuan) Pandemics, wars and delicate international relations have brought large-scale, global disruptions to supply chains. Businesses need visibility into demand, orders, inventory, shipments, and suppliers, as well as the ability to establish what-if scenarios and how to respond. Building greater transparency in the value network and establishing the need for a business model that allows for flexible and agile operations is imperative. In the supply chain circle, i2 is a well-known and familiar business card. After being acquired by Blue Yonder,


The original supply chain performance of i2 has been greatly improved,

Especially with the development of AI/ML technology, the supply chain planning capability has become even more powerful. Digital Transformation Case 1: Micron Technology Builds a Resilient Supply Chain Micron Technology, the world’s fourth largest Kenya Phone Number List semiconductor manufacturer, is now a world leader in innovative memory solutions that revolutionize the way the world uses information. While addressing the challenges arising from the epidemic, Micron Technology is focusing on its ambitious way of transforming its global supply chain, effectively creating a digital clone that can simultaneously respond to its business and operating strategies. Learn how Micron uses Blue Yonder’s Luminate Planning solution to drive customer service while building supply chain resilience. Speaker: Vice President, Global Supply Chain.


Micron Technology Digital Transformation Case

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Analog devices manages supply. Chain growth analog devices is the. Industry’s leading semiconductor. Manufacturer, creating high-performance. Semiconductors and mixed-signal. Integrated devices, driving the digital. Revolution, and continuing to grow rapidly. Through organic acquisition and expansion. The increased demand and product. Portfolio growth of the covid-19 crisis. Has added to the complexity of global. Supply chains. Learn how analog. Devices uses blue yonder’s solutions. To manage supply and its distribution from a practitioner’s. Perspective by applying innovative segmented. Supply chain principles to manage requirements. And rethink constraints to manage its business. Transformation goals. Speaker. Analog devices central. Planning supply chain manager / analog devices central. Planning associate welcome to join our customer. Sharing session to hear how leaders. In the semiconductor industry are building. Resilient supply chains and helping. Companies solve challenges arising from the epidemic.

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