Especially in the professional scope. Some might say phrases like “if everything flows in the virtual world now. why do I need business cards?”. Big mistake. Let’s see why they are still useful and we can’t help but have them: Virtual contact does not replace personal Yes. we can have a long list of contacts on Linkedin . but what really sticks in the memory are the faces. the voices and the ideas that are said face to face. Keep in mind that sending contact information by text or email is impersonal. even though sometimes it’s the only option we have. If we really want to generate an unforgettable impact on that strategic person. the ideal is to look for the opportunity to meet them and give them a business card.

Eye contact and conversation are the best mechanisms to impress someone and ensure that they remember us. They are the first impression that people get of a brand And after a good handshake and an exchange of cards. each interlocutor stares at that piece of paper in his hand. What are you seeing? Well. nothing less than the first impression of a brand. In fact. when you see that card. you can not only make judgments about the personality of the brand or what public it is aimed at. but also guess if it is a professional and serious company that generates trust. Think that these cards are an extension of your brand and therefore they are an essential part of your corporate image.

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We like beautiful and creative cards Keep Bahamas whatsapp number list mind that cards are items that people take with them. It is as if they took their mark. If you hand out a creative card that makes a good first impression. that person is likely to show it to others. increasing visibility and perhaps introducing your company to new prospects. In short. give that executive you met at a cocktail party a reason to keep your card. Ideally. he should be interested in keeping his contact details. but if he still hasn’t managed to arouse that interest. he should at least want to keep the card because it’s an original and inspiring piece. Show that you are prepared and ready to do business Imagine that you are at an important event for your sector.

Bahamas whatsapp number list

A congress. a conference. a launch. a press conference. etc. So far you’ve met important people. but because you don’t have business cards handy. you’re forced to pass on their details in a text message. or worse. on a piece of paper or a napkin. This is not professional. People are more likely to do business with someone who hands over their card securely than someone who takes several minutes to send a cell phone message or find a pen. Show that you are prepared and have everything under control. They help you better present your company Let’s be honest: not everyone has the gift of words and knows what to say at all times. Sometimes facing important and unknown people can be intimidating.

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A good way to break the ice is to say “let me give you my card”. And from there start talking about what your company does and why it does it better than others. That’s why it’s important that your card includes a brief description of your brand or product. Summarizing the essentials people need to know. No more than a sentence or two at most. This can help the recipient better understand what you are talking. About and at the same time retain the visual image of your logo and corporate colors. And don’t forget that while business cards may seem like an insignificant detail. They are actually things that reveal a lot about you and your company. The power of the Internet to generate sales is a reality to which no SME can “turn a blind eye”. It is through the Internet that customers are giving their opinion.

Searching and discovering brands and having new experiences; Another reason not to neglect your presence on the web. be it from your website to social networks. Especially if you are still wondering how to sell online . Improve your visibility and increase your potential customers. Either because you have a virtual store within your website . Or because your business is 100% online or because the website is the extension of your physical store. The Internet is the platform on which businesses move today. day. In the following sentences you will find 50 tips from entrepreneurs and gurus who know how to sell online. Successfully and that I am sure will inspire you for your business.

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