Which KPIs to follow to export your B2B activity?

Exporting your B2B activity is an excellent lever for developing your sales. However, it is essential to measure the impact and the success of the actions carried out. This allows you to adapt your strategy in order to be always more efficient and stop ineffective actions. For this, the monitoring of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is essential. A KPI is quantified data that quantifies the success or failure of a specific action in relation to an objective set-upstream.

For example, to export your B2B activity, you will need to find new customers abroad. You will therefore set a weekly, monthly or annual goal, then regularly monitor this metric, this KPI, to check whether you are able to reach your goal or not. Monitoring Argentina Email Address the KPIs related to your business development, therefore, makes it possible to keep your deployment under control, adapt your strategy, revise your objectives upwards or downwards, etc. In the context of international development, we can distinguish two categories of KPIs to follow: those relating to online presence and those relating to commercial activity.


Track the KPIs relating to your online presence to export your B2B activity

To export your B2B activity, it is essential to create a site-specific to the new market you are targeting, therefore translated into the language of the country. This will give you visibility and notoriety with your new target. Thanks to this site and the implementation of an inbound marketing strategy, you will be able to generate qualified leads before being physically present on site. It will also allow you to measure your audience’s interest rate for the offer you are making. Your online presence is mainly divided into two: your website (and/or blog) and your social networks.

KPIs related to your website and blog If you plan to export your B2B business, it is unlikely that you will immediately go there to prospect for new customers. Now, thanks to the advent of digital, you can first create a website and a blog). You will be able to regularly publish interesting content for your target audience while highlighting your expertise. You can also integrate one or more contact forms into your site. This will allow your visitors to write to you if they are interested in the offer you are offering. You will thus acquire potential new customers (also called qualified leads), but especially information concerning them (their email, their sector of activity, their position in the company, etc.).

KPIs related to your presence on social networks

Social networks are also a great way to introduce yourself to your new target without being physically present. You can indeed share new content or re-share content published on your website or blog. You will respond through this content to the needs of your target while highlighting your expertise. To export your B2B activity and ensure an optimal presence on social networks, it is interesting to follow the following KPIs:

a number of visitors number of impressions keyword positioning as well as the evolution of this positioning over time in order to continuously improve its the number of clicks number of indexed pages rebounds rate natural traffic engagement (the time spent on the site and the number of pages viewed per visit) number of times a form is filled conversion rate (the number of site visitors who became customers) CAC (Cost of Acquisition of a Client) All this will allow you to plan your arrival serenely because you will already be awaited by customers. In order to carry out this step as best as possible, it is therefore essential to follow certain KPIs. Regarding the visitors to your site and your blog, first of all, it is interesting to monitor the following metrics:

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