Why and how to choose an agency to develop in export?

The export of activity seems for many companies the logical continuation of their commercial development. Indeed, it has many advantages such as The development of a new market No longer being dependent on a single market The development of its range of products or services by adapting to the needs of the new market, However, although the internationalization of its activity seems attractive, it is not easy. Indeed, exporting your activity is Azerbaijan Email List very time-consuming and many points must be taken into account. Most of them are also very specialized and require expert know-how.

To succeed in this ambitious project, it is, therefore, advisable to choose an agency specializing in the development of export sales. It remains to be seen, how to choose your agency to develop export? This is what we will endeavor to dissect in this article. We will first develop the criteria to choose an agency. We will then see the types of missions that can be managed by the selected agency. It is also possible to call on several agencies according to the know-how of each one. For example, it may be relevant to choose an agency for export development specializing in all legal issues, another in the translation of content, commercial prospecting, development and implementation of the marketing strategy or communication, etc.

How to choose an agency to develop export?

Choose an agency for export development that knows the target market The first point, which seems essential to us, is to choose an agency to develop exports which knows the target market. Indeed, introducing the American, Chinese or Spanish market will not be done in the same way at all. It is therefore essential that the selected agency is a specialist in the target market (s). It will thus be able to adapt the sales, marketing or communication strategy. From a commercial point of view, first of all, the approach to prospects will not be done in the same way from one country to another. Regarding the marketing and communication approach, it is indeed important to adapt the tone adopted, the type of message, content, frequency of publication, etc.

Choose one or more agencies to expand to export There is one option available to companies wishing to choose an agency to outsource their activity: using several agencies. Indeed, if the objective is to internationalize the activity in several countries, it may be relevant to choose several agencies. Each will then be specialized in one of the target countries. This option is for example possible if it seems too complicated to find a single agency specializing in all the target countries.


What points do you need to call an agency?

In the context of internationalization of activity, certain very technical points must be addressed. We think, for example, of the entire legal and administrative dimension, translation work, adaptation to local mores, etc. For these specific cases, it, therefore, seems judicious to choose an agency to develop exports. But more precisely, what missions is it relevant to entrust to the selected agency or agencies?

The legal and administrative dimension It is no secret that the law is a complex area. It, therefore, requires very sharp and precise knowledge. When outsourcing an activity, the legal dimension plays a very important role in this ambitious project. Indeed, many essential points are to be understood such as:

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