Why call on a lead center in the digital age?

With the digital transformation, the traditional means dedicated to customer services must evolve. Digital technology forces us to rethink our operating methods as well as our vision of customer relations. Today the customer is at the heart of commercial and marketing strategies and it is in this that a call center knows an evolution. A call center must evolve and turn to the notion of lead center in the digital age

A lead center in the digital age is an anglicism that is invading the telephone outsourcing market. It is the contraction of two terms. That of the Barbados Email List lead or prospect in French and that of the call center. To summarize the lead center we can say that it is a call center 3.0 capable of handling prospects coming from all types of channels. Just like a call center, a lead center in the digital age revolves around human and digital aspects. However, a lead center is capable of generating leads through any channel. Let’s see why calling on a lead center in the digital age is important for your customer relationship.

Does lead center in the digital age improve human aspects?

In the digital age, there are technical means to meet certain requests that remain basic. A lead center in the digital age must rely on the fact that a customer is at the heart of strategy and attention. Its objective is to offer a maximum customer experience and to approach the 100% satisfaction rate. A lead center therefore uses all the necessary tools to offer this experience, such as chatbots. Composed of weak artificial intelligence, a chatbot makes it possible to simplify the procedures between its user and his basic problems. In short, it is very effective for what are called level 1 actions. That is to say, simple questions that do not require technical assistance.

For more technical questions, the presence of the human factor is and will remain essential. Indeed, even a lead center is based on studies showing us that the human factor remains the keystone of the customer relationship. The AFRC and BCG study As AFRC and BCG studies show , 60% of respondents say human interaction will remain at least stable. If it is intended to increase, it will orient itself towards more complex and more precise activities. Through technology and this model of thought level 1 problems will ultimately be automated. The study also shows that for 90% of companies, the reinvention of the human being will bring significant growth leverage and those for two reasons.

The first is that outsourced call centers will be increasingly specialized

From a technical point of view. Having a more advanced technicality, they will guarantee greater customer satisfaction. For a part more oriented generation of leads, the observation is the same
The second reason is that call centers must also make a digital transition. To solve “simple” problems, they will need to be able to come up with faster solutions such as chatbots. This means allows companies a very important economic benefit. However, there will always be a need for Level 1 service and those for several reasons: The social aspect around the loss of jobs and human contact For those who need more explanation To meet expectations and dispatch everyone’s problems to higher levels. This is why a lead center in the digital age is so precious, because its DNA is to simplify the customer experience.

Return on investment (ROI) Calling on a lead center in the digital age allows you to benefit from a significant return on investment. The most important thing for a company that outsources its customer relationship is to know if their actions are profitable. By choosing a good lead center, you will be able to capture and process leads on any channel. Whether through digital or telephone, for commercial prospecting or after-sales service, a lead center can support you from the generation of demand to sale and continue with after-sales service.

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