Why choosing a date is important in a communication strategy

Choosing a date for the launch of a product, a service or for your different business strategies is one of the crucial points that we are all confronted with. The question is, WHEN is the best time. In communication strategy, one of the areas of preparation is the establishment of a communication plan. In this communication plan, we set deadlines, but also we visualize an action plan that we want to respect. Many communication specialists in Belgium Email List will argue that it is important to set a schedule and choose the right dates. The objective is to have the maximum visibility and therefore to have the maximum return on investment. Let’s take a simple example.

Does Haagen Daz have a real interest in accessing their communication strategies in the middle of January? You all know the answer, so what is important in choosing a date? The season, the surrounding events, historical dates? These are all the questions that we will raise through three axes: Content marketing and the establishment of an editorial calendar Events for choosing an optimal date Advertising the image of your actions through the media. Establishing an editorial calendar: essential point of an inbound marketing strategy In the digital age, setting up an inbound marketing strategy is an obligation to stand out from the competition.

Indeed, the fashion in marketing and communication

For several years is to truster the first Google results. SEO is the central pillar of all digital strategies and it allows to gain digital market share. Therefore, establishing an editorial calendar must be thought out and built around a logic of date. For example, if we talk about marketing trends for 2019, when will it be wise to release it? The article highlights a temporality as well as an influence. There are therefore possibilities which are: End of the year 2018 (between the end of November and before the Christmas holidays) to be able to be a prescriber of trends. Beginning of the year 2019, because it corresponds to an expectation that your customers can potentially have at that time.

With social networks, you will be able to respond to customer requests in real time. If you publish it in March or April, the marketing trends will already be well entrenched and by then you will be tackling the topic well after the competition. Choosing the publication dates of his articles must therefore respond to: Calendar logic Events such as the Blend Web Mix we attended New trends detected on social networks Therefore, planning dates for your content marketing strategy builds on your industry environment. Choosing the right dates is a major asset of your strategy because content distributed over a good period of time will bring you more leads.

But be careful, like all inbound and content marketing strategies

Rely on the dates and key questions of your customers. Events in your communication strategy Events should be an inherent part of your communication strategy because it is when you put your brand in the spotlight. Whether you are creating an event or attending an event, the issue of timing is the key to a successful event. Indeed, choosing these dates for an event must also respond to a calendar logic that fits into your professional environment.

It must also be part of a logic of visibility in several questions: Will your customers be present? Your competitors, will they be there? Does the event expect a lot of people? Doesn’t the event conflict with other dates (other major events, contract signing, client meeting, project launch, etc.) The season just like with a content strategy going to a badly positioned event is irrelevant. Once these questions have been answered, it’s up to you to judge the relevance of going to an event or not. When it comes to creating an event, you have to pay attention to every detail.

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