Why create your Google My Business listing?

It is undeniable that digital is a major issue. Also, it becomes impossible for businesses to ignore the usefulness of web visibility. This is why the creation of a Google my business listing is the basis. And moreover free for the most initiated. Creating your Google my business page will allow you a significant local presence. Regardless of the sector of Macau Email List activity, the size of the company or its location, setting up natural referencing becomes essential and creating your google my business account can help you get there.

WHAT IS GOOGLE MY BUSINESS PAGE? Develop your local visibility with your Google my business listing Google my business is an online (digital) directory and local SEO tool. Also, this Google tool allows companies to ensure minimal web visibility. In particular, the fact of creating your Google my Business page will promote your position in the search engine results (Google & Google Map). Highlighting information about the company (address, opening hours, phone number, photos). More commonly known as the local pack.

Thus, customers who perform a search with either

The name of your company (local google search) or by industry with the city, will see you appear in the first search results. So it is a real tool to allow you to attract more customers and especially new prospects. On the other hand, not having your establishment on Google will slow down your visibility on the web and make you less visible! Especially if your competitors have initiated this free visibility process. This digital solution from Google also offers an interface for managing customer reviews and above all responding to them transparently and in view of all Internet users.

Your Google My Business account allows you to centralize your information easily! Google My Business: Price? Google my business Page: why and how to create a file? A company’s Google My Business account is a free service. And made available to all companies wishing to manage their online presence, all sectors of activity combined. Afterwards, it’s like everything, each his profession. And a web agency can assist you in managing your E-reputation . But also in the management of your social networks . Investing in social media and your web visibility means acquiring new customers at a lower cost.

Disseminate information based on current events such as promotions

Schedule changes or photos of your new products. The variety of tools in Google My Business Page will allow you to do just about anything. The features of a Google My Business account Online data modification on Google Business owners have the possibility to display information concerning them (telephone number, address, opening hours) as well as third-party information such as the website or even the opinions of the collected net (google and others). Once the google my business page has been created, it will be possible to delete your business page under conditions of specifying that the establishment is closed.

Google My Business presents your photos and videos Google Images on your Google My Business account Indeed, the owners of the GMB file can upload photos and videos as well as their head image logos. And Google My Business certified photographers can be called in to set up virtual tours. Finally, customers can also attach photos via their posted reviews. In order to attract attention to your business, it is good to present beautiful visuals.


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