Why Should You Create a Facebook Group for Your Business?

Do you think that running a Facebook page is more than enough for your business and that creating a group will be a waste of time? Certainly, creating a Facebook group for your business TAKES time and energy. But rest assured, this is not wasted time since using a Facebook group is different from using a page . Indeed, a group can be used as an after-sales service, an FAQ area, a place for discussion, sharing, advice … In short, for many purposes . In some cases, sometimes the Facebook group is even more important than the page. So, if you decide to give it a Ghana Phone Numbers List real strategy, see the creation of a group as a real opportunity . Jadeclo explains why creating a Facebook group allows you to increase your visibility and humanize the image of your company.

YOU INTERACT FASTER Have you seen a significant drop in the reach of your Facebook page lately? This is normal, the network algorithm with 2.5 billion monthly active users is less favorable to pages because it wants to meet the real desires of users. By creating a Facebook business group, you no longer have a reach problem today. Indeed, by default, members of your community receive a notification as soon as you post to your group. You make sure your posts are seen and read quickly, so you can interact with them effectively. creating a facebook group for your business helps you interact with your members

You Are More Accessible

We agree, to relay your company’s information and commercial messages on a large scale, the Facebook page is the most suitable solution. But with your private group, you will be able to interact more directly with your community . Members can challenge you publicly on a topic and you can respond to them directly (depending on the group settings you choose). In addition, by joining your corporate group, the Internet user takes the step of closely monitoring your activity. You must therefore thank him and bring him added value. To do this, you can, for example, share exclusive promotions with them or give them a preview of new products .

YOUR COMMUNITY WORKS FOR YOU Creating a Facebook group for your business allows your community to work By accessing your group, each member feels privileged to be able to discuss with the rest of the community on a subject that is close to his heart. Enjoy it! By creating a Facebook group for your business, your potential customers, customers, and fans are all in one place. They all discuss the quality of your products and services together and you create a feeling of trust . The passage to action (making contact, participation, registration, purchase, etc.) is facilitated by this process of behavioral mimicry .

You Build Your Web Credibility

If you operate in a niche market or are a young business, the Facebook group is social proof , witness to the seriousness of your brand. If your community management is successful, that is, the interaction is strong and no one is playing spoilers, you will be able to encourage group members to buy your products or services . In addition, when the group is used as an FAQ, it allows your regular customers to convince your customers hostile to purely commercial messages: your loyal fans are your first ambassadors. IT IS A MONITORING TOOL AND A SUGGESTION BOX By letting your members speak, they bring you outside information and you hardly need to carry out information monitoring on your own : your community does it for you.

You can therefore use their publications and interactions to analyze their desires about you and market developments. Plus, if you ask them for their opinion, they’ll be happy to share their thoughts on your products and services. Thanks to notifications, group members are very responsive and you get quick answers to your questions and surveys. Create a facebook group for your business to get ideas and feedback To conclude : As you can see, creating a Facebook group for your business is a unique chance to unite a community around a brand. But this does not end here ! By choosing precisely the type of group (secret, closed or public) and by setting its confidentiality (permission to publish and validate), you can create Facebook groups intended for B2B, B2C and even C2C.

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