Will 2018 be the year of influencer marketing?

Today, the world of marketing and sales is increasingly turned towards new technologies. Indeed, questions around artificial intelligence, data (BigData, SmartData…) are on everyone’s lips. However, a question arises. What about the importance of people in the purchasing journey? Are people who are always influenced in their choices and their purchasing journey at the heart of strategies? Influencer marketing is the channel that will respond to Croatian Email List these strategies in 2018. Influencer Marketing: Source of All Sales? Humans have been accustomed from their origin to living in groups and dividing up tasks. This division of labor implies that the practice of influence has certainly existed since the dawn of time.

But if the art and science of influence are practiced in an assumed manner in political, military, religious or economic universes, even in more personal environments such as the community, the family or the couple, it is only recently that the influence has found expression in the corporate world. Theorized from the 1950s & 1960s, it is only since the 2000s that influencer marketing has experienced growing interest from business leaders and their marketing & sales departments. Because if influencer marketing is slow and complex to implement, it is the source of all forms of requests that lead to sales. 2 good reasons to do influencer marketing in 2018 The practical reasons Influencer marketing works.

And then there is a structural reason;

This type of marketing is closely linked to the development of marketing practices associated with the development of digital and internet: lead generation, SEO, social selling, inbound marketing The practical reason, which a recent book (1) by General Bruno Mignot illustrates very well, is that influencer marketing “works”. His text takes up and enriches the ideas of his previous work “ Memento of influencing strategy for use by company directors”. We discover many concrete examples of the application of this marketing channel. And, it is good to stress that the good practice of influencer marketing is not reserved for large companies with many resources. Influence can also develop through SMEs.


We all have in mind examples of successful launch of SME products in the face of multinationals or candidates who prefer to join local companies rather than a large group. This practical reason for influencer marketing success is in addition to a structural reason. Influencer marketing has become a necessity linked to the digital revolution that we are living. The magic of the technologies developed around digital technology (and we must also admit it, the fears that these technologies arouse) tend to hide the essential; New digital technologies are now placing the individual at the center of all our discussions. This state of affairs is illustrated by the increase in the number of social networks and their use.

Not only can the latter make it possible to communicate

A message to any human living at the antipodes of the earth, but the latter can also, from the antipodes of the earth, communicate with the entire planet in real time on any subject of his choice. Influencer marketing through social networks This phenomenon of digital globalization has several consequences: Initially economic, Creators of many threats, Creates even more opportunities for companies. Before, marketing relied mainly on “intermediaries” to promote products. A manufacturer of individual boilers sold directly to distributors or installers who themselves sold to individuals. In the event of a problem, the individual contacted his installer who himself went back to the manufacturer. The boiler was fixed and we left it there.

Today, thanks to the Internet, individuals will seek to contact the supplier directly, exchange their feelings via social networks with other users and compare them with their competitors. We are witnessing a disintermediation between the supplier and the user client. In this context, where information becomes numerous, varied and abundant, influencer marketing plays a crucial role for companies. It is he who will allow the business manager and his teams to structure his information and the actions which must result from it – always by privileging the approach of the individual before that of the structure to which he belongs.

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