Shopping cart abandonment rates are between 60% and 80% on most websites . The solution is to simplify the buying process. which includes removing unnecessary steps and avoiding asking for information that is not needed. 4. Classifying and ranking is essential classify.jpgA typical virtual store is characterized by having a large volume of information due to extensive and complex product catalogues. The picture gets complicated when a user arrives looking for a specific product but cannot find it due to the chaos they face. The key to avoiding this is to do some prior classification work that helps users get to what they need in a few clicks. A general advice is to appeal to common sense to group the products.

The idea is that in the eyes of the buyer everything is evident and clear. We already know that if the user takes too long to find what he is looking for. he will not have any problem going to another website. 5. The user wants to see what he is going to buy And it is not enough to see it halfway. This is why various web stores include multiple images of the same product from different perspectives or detailed descriptions about features or materials. A product can be great. but if the buyer can’t appreciate it. it won’t sell. This also implies being rigorous with the quality of the images so that the merchandise can be seen well.

Start 2017 With The Best Attitude

Think that those images can be the decisive Austria whatsapp number list that makes the difference between selling and not selling. An example of a virtual store focused on capturing the user’s attention to sell online following parameters of priority. hierarchy. order. simplicity and coherence. is the site of the designer Victoria Beckham . Success and the achievement of results within a company cannot depend on improvisation. much less on chance. Just as carry out any activity that requires the collaboration of several people depends to a large extent on plan and knowing how to work as a team to be carry satisfactorily. even more so a business needs to apply both in order to achieve its marketing objectives. .

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Hence. when we have only been a few days into the new year. The marketing plan takes on an important meaning. Among other things. because it allows you to have a detail overview. Of the strategies and tactics that will be require to carry out to meet the business objectives. But also because it helps to determine the amount of resources that will be need to implement them. All this at the same time that it allows us to assign people responsible for the tasks. And anticipate the activities that must be carried out to avoid being taken by surprise and. To be able to get the most out of it for the benefit of the company and the objectives that have been set. Now. how do you do the marketing plan? Marketing plan: the step by step to develop it Although when we talk about the marketing plan.

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In reality each of the guidelines that we show below can be apply. Perhaps on a larger scale. small. to punctual actions. Whether it’s launching a new product. entering another market. Or any other important matter (such as planning all of 2017 in general). The following steps will show you how to focus and carry out your marketing plan. . (If your company sells to other businesses and you want to create a marketing plan adapted to it. Do not miss this useful guide where you can learn in detail how to do it). Situation Analysis In this step it is important to put ourselves in context.

For this. having knowledge about those things that are out of the control of the business. But that can still affect it at an economic. political. social or environmental level. is essential. Additionally. data relate to the market and the competition must also be take into account. Things such as changes in people’s consumption habits. market prices. And aspects related to competitors (positioning. How they promote themselves and messages they use in their communication). Must be consider together with information on our products.

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