This modality fulfills the same function as the physical invoice. however. it brings multiple advantages to your company and your clients. such as: Avoid the risk of physical loss of your document It facilitates online transactions and the security of operations. avoiding fraud. Achieve savings on printing. invoice typing. dispatch and storage. According to the firm Seres. the life cycle of a physical invoice costs $7.000 pesos for a Colombian company. The printing cost is between $300 and $600 pesos (according to its volume). adding the costs of producing it. sending a copy to clients (generally with a courier service) and keeping it for five years by law. With the electronic invoice. the total cost of each document is reduced by 85% .

Similarly. the magazine Dinero and Certicamara affirm that “ almost 10% of paper invoices disappear from the archives. due to physical deterioration and theft within companies. ”. >>FREE Electronic Billing Webinar. Sign up here<< Time is another advantage to highlight. thanks to the fact that the invoice is filed immediately. and arrives before the product. Think about what it can cost you to file a late or incorrectly typed invoice. Due to the above. electronic invoicing in Colombia has become an important and necessary technological tool for your company. with which you will obtain efficient processes. information within reach. security.

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Customer satisfaction. and cost reduction Cameroon whatsapp number list  The DIAN (National Directorate of Taxes and Customs of Colombia) announced that all SMEs will receive the electronic invoicing service for free in 2017. for which this institution will enable a service via the web. Remember that it will be mandatory for all natural and legal persons who are selected by said institution. Get FREE training this December 15 Attend the next virtual training with the speaker Juan Losada. Manager of Digital Products at Publish Advertising Multimedia. next Thursday. December 15 from 10:30 am to 12M. and learn how to increase the efficiency of your company with electronic invoicing.

Cameroon whatsapp number list

We have previously talked about the benefits for companies of advertising in the Yellow Pages . It is not easy to find a specialized portal where you can do digital advertising with a low budget. which is aimed at the right people and also integrates an online and offline strategy (portals and print). Therefore. it is essential that the advertisement that you include for Yellow Pages is convincing and generates impact . since it will be in a portal that receives more than 8 million unique monthly visitors – we do not want your brand to lose the opportunity to stand out in front of all those people- here we are going to give you a simple step by step with which we ensure you get the most out of your investment in our specialized search portal: final infographic-

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Don’t add value just for the sake of it. Think with a cool head about what will put you above other offerings. And make sure you can deliver on your promise to users. If you follow each of these tips with a lot of creativity and the right information. We assure you that you will be able to stand out from the competition and. Most importantly. convert a user into a customer of your business. Remember that all the people who enter Yellow Pages want to buy. So take advantage of the opportunity and make them your next customers! Every year. Google awards the Strategic Growth Champion award to one of its allied companies that stand out in the region for providing effective results to the clients with whom they work.

For the strategies implemented. the innovation in their products/services and for their business model. business. This year. we have earned this recognition! Of course we welcome it with great enthusiasm. but also with humility. Because it challenges us to continue innovating. To be at the forefront and to work for clients who trust in Publicar to promote their business. This is a small but representative sample of four of the thousands of companies. That seek us out with very diverse needs and that. With continuous work focused on results and continuous improvement.

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