Can be somewhat unique. Maybe try different layouts too! The idea for this could come from a random landing page posted 3-4 years ago. The 99Design Philippines Photoedito Portfolio Discover page is also a good place to look! Screenshot from the example of Dribbble Awwwards We’ve put sites like Awwwards in a separate category because they actually Philippines Photoedito Portfolio show something that’s been created and can be seen in action. What’s more, it focuses more on the artistic method, and not on “any design work”. Most of the time the sites are too heavy to be usable only on high-end devices, but you can still get inspiration from them. color palette / brand For a completely new design.


Where There Are No Pre-set Colors,

One of the steps to getting started is to choose something that will fit the new site. There are two ways to deal with it – choosing an existing color scheme Philippines Photoedito Portfolio or assigning a primary/secondary color and working on the solution of the entire system based on it. ColorHunt Websites like Color Hunt provide a range of community-made color palettes. You can choose the colors and use them directly or choose the main colors to start with. Not only are they pretty in appearance but they are similar too. Color chase example screenshot Brand BrandColors has a slightly different goal – it provides a list of major brands and their color schemes.

Philippines Photoedito Portfolio

There You Can Find Some Great Philippines Photoedito Portfolio Shades and

Combinations that can inspire your design. The colors are not subject to any copyright, but our advice is to play with it a bit rather than copying all the Philippines Photoedito Portfolio colors from places like Amazon for example. Premium and free assets There is not always enough Philippines Photoedito Portfolio time to work on each component of the site. Sometimes it’s better to get an icon pack, an illustration or an image stored by another designer/illustrator and use it directly. Font-Awesome – A huge collection of icons in font glyph shapesEnvato Elements – Huge selection of high-quality assets at a good price.



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