According to Money Magazine. only 12% of the ads we see in 24 hours remain in our minds. Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who have already visited your web store. used the app on mobile devices . or provided their email. For example: you go online to look for sneakers and compare prices in different stores. but you do not complete the purchase. From then on. on other pages you visit throughout the day (social media. email. blogs. google search). you’ll come across deals on running shoes. Later. if you go back and purchase the item you once searched for. the main purpose of remarketing on the website has been fulfilled. along with increasing sales for this store. Because of this. your SME can also make a difference and gain a competitive advantage.

According to Kissmetrics. you will have lower cost per impression (total media cost over the number of users who have seen the ad support). better conversion rates. return on investment. accurate targeting. and cost-effective branding. Not all users are at the same stage. The user who goes looking for the shoes exploring brands. just to find out their price or their characteristics and with an indefinite purchase intention. is different from another who has the disposition and the money to buy the ones that most interest them by comparing prices and in the short term . Therefore. there are several types of remarketing . The digital marketing lab classifies them so that you know more clearly the facilities it has.

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Types of remarketing Standard : use of Germany whatsapp number list  animation or text. while the user browses websites associated with the Google advertiser network. It is implemented for loyalty. cross-selling or brand promotion. Dynamic: re-impacts with advertisements of the products and services of interest. It is implemented on abandoned shopping carts and single product visitors. Mobile Apps: New ads to users who have used your mobile app. It is used to promote a specific action in an already installed application. Search – Create text ads for hesitant customers who have passed through your website and are still searching for the same product on Google.

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It is implement to show a different message to those who have not yet been loyal. Video : ads designed for those who have interacted with your videos or YouTube channel. It is implement in brand campaigns and new promotions or events. With everything and this wide range of tools for advertising your web store. it is also important to bear in mind that the value of your campaign will depend on the platform you use. among which is adwords. which has a network reach of Google. as we saw in the previous examples. and Adroll. which unlike the previous one. has a reach on Facebook. among other platforms; however. most are paid per click. and in all cases. the increase in sales will take time. Do not think of a significant increase overnight.

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The effectiveness will be seen little by little with the. Creation of the lists of visiting users. and the creativity with which. You design the ad. Conclution In final consideration. the main advice when using remarketing in your web store is to separate into two lists from the visits. the already loyal users from the new ones. and in this way not to saturate with the excess of ads that correspond to your interest. . because you could lose the level of impact on the user and the concept you have about your brand. In the same way. for loyal users. it is recommend to promote products that belong to the same category of previous purchases. For example: If your business is sports products and your customer has bought a facial towel and some sneakers.

Or increase conversion rates. remarketing is an essential strategic component of your advertising. Don’t forget that e-commerce is changing the way customers shop and purchase products. What are you waiting for? Flat Desing. Parallax. Slideshows. Burger Menu. Loaders… There are trends in web design for all tastes and budgets. The most risky and innovative tend to attract more attention and cause us the effect “I want that”. But we must be careful. because the most original and revolutionary is not always what suits us. Some might fall into the trap of choosing a design doesn’t look like anything they’ve seen before.

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