Here are 10 figures that show that a website needs updating and regular maintenance : 48% of people said that web design is the number one criterion for determining the credibility of a business. (iron paper) The importance of having a good. attractive and striking design is demonstrated. Keep in mind that there are millions of websites on the internet and you can’t be left behind. When a user enters a website for the first time. 94% of their experience is related to aspects of web design. (kinesis) It is essential to have an impeccable design. which is not only pleasant. but also functional. Ideally. the visual identity should be consistent with the personality and values of the brand.

40% of people abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. (Nuance Media) Internet speed is very important: don’t let your site slow down due to lack of maintenance. Users have no patience and if they have to wait. they will not hesitate to go to the competition. 67% of shoppers said they are more likely to shop on a mobile-friendly website. (iron paper) A very common problem for businesses that have had the same website for several years is that they are not yet ready to receive mobile users. If you haven’t made the leap into the digital universe yet. you’re already at a disadvantage. 61% of people have a more favorable opinion of brands that offer a good mobile experience.

And Language Of Your Customers

It is not enough that the web is Costa rica whatsapp number list for mobiles. The user experience has to be favorable. if not perfect. In general. people have less tolerance when it comes to mobile browsing. 47% of websites have a Call To Action button. which users see in less than 3 seconds. (Go Globe). An element that cannot be missing from your renewed website is the CTA button. The oldest websites do not have it and that is why businesses do not get the results they expect. 63% of Fortune 500 websites use high-quality images to impact their audience. (Go Globe). The strongest trend now in terms of websites is to give relevance to visual content. Images prevail over long and heavy texts.

Costa rica whatsapp number list

Of course. all the photos that are use must be of excellent quality. especially since most of them will take up a lot of space on the screen. 88% of people said they are very likely not to return to a website where they had a bad browsing experience. (Inspired Magazine). If a user feels lost and confused on a website. it will be difficult for them to visit it again. Make life easy for the boater: stand for simple and fast. Remember that the goal here is to achieve intuitive navigation. 76% of users prefer audiovisual content on a website. which explains why online videos reach more than 50 billion views each month.

You Can Choose The Age

Video content is here to stay. Websites now include videos on the home page and other internal pages. From full-screen videos that play automatically. to thematic playlists that host several videos for the user to choose the one they want to watch. audiovisual content is in its golden age. 72% of people trust reviews they read on websites as much as they trust recommendations from family or friends. (IronPaper). Another element that is rarely seen on older websites is the section for recommendations or customer reviews. It is proven that buyers are usually influence by the appreciations and comments of other people. Don’t forget that a positive testimonial is a powerful hook that helps you attract more customers.

If you need to update your website . seek the advice of experts who can evaluate your case and offer you the best solutions. Remember that your website is the center of your digital strategy and your cover letter on the internet. so don’t leave it in the hands of just anyone. Even though print ads seem to be losing ground to the rise of digital advertising. and to a certain extent we could say that it has managed to overshadow them to the point that investment in this form of advertising has decreased considerably in comparison With what happened years ago. there are compelling reasons to think that the form is far from disappearing. Just as the arrival of television did not mean that the radio disappeared.

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