Follow us on our Facebook channel and learn about the success stories that will guide us to achieve business excellence. Google has become the most powerful advertising platform on the internet. For this reason. many entrepreneurs have launched to advertise in this search engine. However. most believe that they can handle this topic without help. without experience and without prior knowledge. Serious mistake. Here’s a group of experts who know everything you need to get the best results from advertising on Google… Ready to start your digital advertising strategy on Google but have no idea how to go about it? Do you already have several ad campaigns on Google but are not achieving the expected results? You need a Google Partner: What is a Google Partner?

They are agencies. marketing professionals and online experts who are certified by Google to manage Adwords accounts (ads in this search engine). They must meet a series of requirements and pass several tests to obtain the Google Partner badge. What does the Google Partner badge indicate? It indicates that a business has demonstrated skill and experience in AdWords. has met the AdWords spending requirements. has increased its client and agency revenue. and has been able to maintain and grow its client base. How can you help me? A Google Partner has the necessary knowledge so that your advertising on Google obtains the best results.

Your Advertising Campaign

In fact. partners can specialize in one France whatsapp number list more specific areas: search advertising These Partners can help you create and optimize ads that show up in Google search results. They can also advise you on keyword strategies and budget planning. mobile advertising If your goal is to connect with potential customers on mobile devices. these partners will help you do it through text. image. video and HTML5 ads. video advertising Video specialists will help you launch and optimize ad campaigns on YouTube. the second search engine after Google. display advertising With display ads you can attract potential customers on more than two million websites and 650.000 apps. including all Blogger blogs.

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Shopping advertising These partners will help you display your products on Google searches. set up your inventory in Merchant Center. and create Google Shopping campaigns. What should I keep in mind before working with a Google Partner ? There are partners specialized in different areas. so you must be sure that you are working with professionals with experience and knowledge in the area that interests you. There are two questions that should be clear from the beginning: Will partners be managing and optimizing your account on an ongoing basis after setting it up for you? Will they be available for consultation. visits in person or by email? Winning tip! If a partner is setting up a new AdWords account for you.

Very Easily Monitoring

It’s important that they retain access to your account as well. To do this. ask the professional to provide you with administrator access to the account with your email address. Going to the Google Partners network is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to develop advertising in this search engine. but prefer to seek advice to achieve better results. On the Google website you can find the partner closest to your location and with the specialty you need. There you can see a brief description of each one and establish contact with them. How many times have we heard that print media is doomed to disappear? It seems that for some people the rise of the Internet inevitably implies the death of paper.

Despite the fact that throughout history we have seen that the consolidation of one technology does not necessarily mean the disappearance of another. After all. the radio did not disappear when television arrived. some customs simply changed and. in general. the way of consuming information was transformed. The truth is that print is still alive and still represents a powerful option to reach specific audiences. Contrary to popular belief. print advertising is a strategy that brands still choose because it generates results. According to a study published last year by the Journal of Consumer Research. print ads achieve a double effect: they significantly increase the consumer’s positive feelings towards brands and.

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