There are certain basic steps that you cannot ignore: Create an agenda: organize a directory of potential clients. but do not forget that you must have the authorization of all of them in order to send information to your personal phone. Define a message: Set the tone and purpose of your messages. Do not rule out creating images. audios or videos of your brand to make the message more attractive. Tracking: Use WhatsApp as a tracking system to detect the public’s response to the content you have published. Tools that will facilitate management Photo Comic Bubbles: customize images to your liking and add texts. Whatsafe: backup chats. personalize messages. print conversations easily. It works offline.

Massyphone: make mass mailings. WhatStat: get detailed information on the use of WhatsApp. Access to information such as the number of messages you have sent. who have replied the most. the day you are most active or even the time of day you are most active. Measurement is one of the pillars to see the effectiveness of the digital strategy; it is important to align the measurement of your website with that of your social networks. Conclution To know how to sell online I don’t have the perfect recipe for you. especially since everything depends on the type of business. Paint for WhatsApp: share drawings and personalize messages. Case of success Take a cue from Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.

Keywords: Terms Or Phrases

Its campaign called Whatscook . consisted of Cayman islands whatsapp number list recipe chat aimed at kitchen apprentices willing to attend a class led by authentic chefs. who taught delicious recipes in real time via WhatsApp. by sending images and videos of the dishes. describing each recipe and even using the voice memos in the app. Advertising on the Yellow Pages remains an attractive strategy for any advertiser . This is one of the most important conclusions that can be drawn from a recent survey carried out by the firm IPSOS. during June and July of this year. According to the study. 56% of the people consulted have used the printed guide in the last year and 36% have consulted the portal to find what they need.

Cayman islands whatsapp number list

Regarding decision-making based on the search in this medium. it was found that 6 out of 10 people buy what they are looking for in Yellow Pages. Specifically. 77% stated that they always find what they are looking for and 57% believe that the guide helps them make a good purchase decision. positive perception So it seems that Yellow Pages. both the printed and digital versions. is a good alternative to promote businesses. But. do we know what users think of the brands that appear there? This study provides us with valuable information: “They are recognized brands” 77% of those surveyed believe that the advertisers that are in the Yellow Pages are recognized brands.

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Appearing in this medium is associated with prestige and experience. “They are suppliers that respond to me” 69% believe that these companies are responsible and available for any eventuality. Are brands that always have a timely response and assume the consequences of any operation that may have come out. “They are trusted providers” 69% believe that these advertisers inspire confidence and peace of mind when doing important business. “They are providers of excellent quality” 70% do not doubt the quality of the products and services offered by these companies. Keep in mind that quality is a very important variable when choosing between several companies that offer the same thing.

They are serious suppliers” 71% believe in the seriousness of these companies. which enjoy good credibility. These results reflect beliefs that help us understand how users perceive the brands that are in the Yellow Pages. In general terms. there is a positive perception. Appearing on this channel is often associate with words such as recognition. Quality. seriousness. credibility and responsibility. relevant values when making purchase decisions. Stages in the search for commercial information Now. Think with Google. a firm dedicated to marketing research and digital trends. Teaches us that when a user searches for commercial information.

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