Youtube Shorts, The New Youtube Feature

After the arrival of the short video format with the social network TikTok, then on Instagram with the Reels, it’s now YouTube’s turn to embark on the adventure! The social media which, since 2005, allows viewing of streaming videos, has unveiled its new feature called “YouTube Shorts”. In this article, Jadéclo, your web agency, has gathered all the Greece Phone Number List information you need to know about this new format, all accompanied by a short guide to becoming a real pro in Shorts! WHAT ARE YOUTUBE SHORTS? In English, the word “short” means “short”. So far, we haven’t taught you anything …

If the new YouTube feature has this name, it’s not for nothing! YouTube Shorts are short videos of up to 60 seconds in vertical format, to be filmed from your phone. After having developed the YouTube Shorts in several countries of the world such as India, Canada or the United States, YouTube has deployed this format in 100 new countries. It is in this context that YouTube Shorts France made its appearance on July 14. Who can post Shorts? Good news, you don’t have to be a known YouTuber to be able to post Shorts on YouTube! On this platform, everyone has the opportunity to express their creativity , and who knows, maybe even create a buzz! The only requirement is to have a YouTube account .

YouTube shorts VS TikTok If the principle strangely

Reminds you of TikTok, short videos, ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes , imagine that this is no coincidence! With its new format, YouTube wants to counter the global success of the Chinese giant , and it works quite well. Since its launch several months ago in other countries, the Shorts already have more than 6.5 billion views per day worldwide . This is a good start to face the social network TikTok which has exceeded 3 billion downloads since its launch in 2016 (figures July 2021). YouTube has created an interface that takes over the operation of its competitor: the videos scroll endlessly (or almost) by themselves and if a video does not interest you, scroll (slide your finger from bottom to top) your screen and another Shorts will be offered to you.

Youtube video shorts: a new business for users? Like TikTok, YouTube monetizes short videos made by creators thanks to the “YouTube Shorts Fund” which amounts to 100 million dollars for the period 2021-2022. This remuneration is made in the desire to reward creators who participate in the future of this format on the platform. According to YouTube, only creators who share content that is ” unique and interesting ” to the community are eligible for this funding .

Unlike TikTok, it’s not up to you to decide if you want to receive compensation

YouTube will itself take care of contacting the creators who have made Shorts with a high engagement rate. So, all you have to do is use your creativity! HOW TO USE THE YOUTUBE SHORTS? Step 1: shoot or import your video To create your Shorts, it’s very simple! First of all, you must go to the YouTube application (be careful, this is not possible other than through the application). Then, all you have to do is press the ” + ” (A) located at the bottom of your screen, then ” Create a Short ” (B). Then, two solutions are available to you : You import an already existing video from your photo gallery, by clicking on the square (C) You choose to shoot your Shorts live .

To do this, press the recording button (D) a first time to start recording, and a second time to stop it. If you are undecided, YouTube gives you the option of doing both ! To change the duration of your Short which is automatically set to 15sec, click once on the “ 15 ” button (E) above the record button. This will change to 60 seconds. You will thus be able to create a video of the length of your choice (without exceeding the 60 seconds allowed). If you don’t like the shot you just filmed or imported, don’t panic! Click on the arrow (F) to delete the sequence, and on the other arrow (G) to restore it (because yes, it happens to everyone to make a bad manipulation …)

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