This paper starts from three aspects: product value definition, modeling and promotion. The main contents include:

  • Product value definition: can and better and more solve users’ problems
  • Product value modeling: what kind of indicators to use to evaluate product value
  • Product value enhancement: enhance product value with accurate cognition and lean quantification

 Definition of product value: it can solve users’ problems better and more

What is the value of the product? How do we create product value?

In work scenarios, we often think about: What problems are users solving with our products? Why do users choose and use Saudi Arabia Mobile Number our products from many products? Why do users stay with our product? In fact, the value of the product is the meaning of the existence of the product.

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We can summarize the value of the product as: it can solve users’ problems better and more, not just help users solve problems. In other words, the process of creating product value is also the process of solving user problems.

How to achieve the goal of “solving users’ problems better and better”?

We can do this by building corresponding strategies and tools. For example, in common e-commerce scenarios, we Saudi Arabia Mobile Number want to help users complete commodity transactions. The core strategy is to help users find high-quality and cheap products. There are three keywords— – “Look for”, “good quality” and “cheap”, the corresponding product display strategy can meet the user’s demand for “good quality”, the price strategy meets the user’s demand for “cheap”, and the product selection strategy helps users quickly find products that meet their needs. .

In this scenario, after the product display strategy and price strategy are visualized, there may be discount mechanisms such as red envelopes and coupons, which are our tools to support the strategy; the product selection strategy is our strategy to support the strategy.

product value modeling: what kind of indicators to use for product value evaluation

In addition to the above classification, there will be other classification methods. For example, the classification of game products will be more complicated, and we will not repeat them here. Next, based on this classification method, we further explore how the product solves the user’s problem through specific scenarios.

For example, when you plan to travel on vacation, you must determine the destination in advance, and the travel Saudi Arabia Mobile Number app will help you solve the problem at this time: in the process of determining the destination, the app helps you discover the destination of interest through the content module ;In the process of arranging the itinerary, the App can help you to complete the query and reservation of high-speed rail, plane, hotel and other itinerary elements through the tool module; when you have ended a beautiful journey and want to share what you have seen and heard, the community module of the App It gives you the opportunity to publish your strategy or share your travel knowledge, and get a sense of value outside of travel.

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